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[SVCpack]Addons Microsoft VC & VB Runtimes 2013-02


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This may better clarify the use of these VC++ Addons:


#1: The Microsoft VC+AIO Runtimes 2.3 Addon 

will install the C++ librairies as they are available

on MS download center and MS update. (GDR stable)

Includes versions VC2005SP1, VC2008SP1 and VC2010SP1.


#2: The Microsoft VC+3IO Runtimes 2.9 Addon 

will install the patched C++ librairies to adress 

flaws in MS Visual Studio. (VS-QFE Hotfixes)


#3: The Microsoft VC11++ Runtimes 2.7 addon

will install the new VC11++ librairies to run 

future applications developed with VS2012


#4: The Microsoft Legacy VB+VC Rtn 2.1 AddOn 

will install the older (pre 2005) VB+VC runtimes.


In short: #1 is the minimum you should integrate;

alternatively #2 may replace #1 (for Visual Studio).

#3 and #4 are optional for future and old librairies.


DO NOT integrate both #1 and #2
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