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ANY help with installing Win7 64-bit (w/o DVD)


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Today, i want to install Win7 64-bit Home Premium.I have a PC with Windows 7 PRE-RTM 32-bit. I want to just do an upgrade to final version, but i have problems with bits ..

I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit download & gen-key;

I can't write DVD-Discs, so this is the BIGGEST problem

I tried to run setup.exe, but i can't run 64-bit programs o 32-bit OS :confused02:

So, is there a way to install it from HDD??? I tried everything,all of my computer experience, read anything - nothing helps... :ranting:

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I tried 2 of my 4&16 GB USB drives :thumbsdown_anim: , but the process with converting them to FAT32 make them unusable, i dont know why ...When it's NTFS - it not work in bootloader.. :doh: .. May i hope with only HDD use... ? :g:

When i converted to FAT32 the 4GB USB Flash drive, it says: Access is denied. Now , i can't do the NTFS reformat <--I think it's broken now :sad01_anim:

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Yes i have ext. HDD (hope it's working :sweatingbullets: ) ...Thank you for your info, but, if i couldn't do it, i go to one of my neighborhood and ask to burn Win7 ISO to DVD.

**Now i'll thinking about getting new hardware(in my opinion-DVD-ROM)

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