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Hi, @J.S. Prasad

Can u update and this properties pls?

* Plugins files and OnDemandCM files

* JPEG2000 and JBIG2 Image Decoders

* Firefox Plugin

* Foxit Spell Checker

* Removed ASK TOOL BAR, no browser hack to Ask.com

* Removed Foxit Search Bar

* Removed eBay.ico

* Added Silent association to .pdf files

* Silent registration to .pdf files

Thank you.

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Hi Mr.oguz sorry to late visting this site .The reason I do not update this addon is.

1: Foxit chang the architecture in inno, I am also making it in inno.

2: I am migrated in Win 7 x64

Here I compiled this as per requirement by you in Inno.Association require to open Foxit Reader one time so it associate .pdf files. lacking in silent installation completly.

Here are new Md5

File: FoxitReader502.exe

MD5: 0c7fb7bf9287ee59d3e5f683ecb50535

6.79 MB (7,124,387 bytes)

Link: http://www.mediafire...0smrpstexck7yml

Silent switches are:



Edited by J.S.Prasad
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