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New register、New guy here!


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Hello! fellows, I just come in and say hello!

I was surfing on the web for how to integrating IE8 into XP installation CD.

Then, I went to RyanVM, and someone gave me this web site:

Onepiece's Addon! I need it! But, what I need is "OnePiece IE8 WinXPSP3 AddOn CHT"!

yea! I am a Chinese!

This forum seems awsome! I like the section of "Microsoft Operating Systems and Software";

I am using _____________________, and I am going to vLite my own Win7 recently;

so, I need to learn something to trim my Win7!

By the way, the link of "OnePiece IE8 WinXPSP3 AddOn CHT" is not exist anymore; it's a dead link now.

Could Mr./Ms. OnePiece or nonno fabio upload again? If could, that will be so appreciated, and realy helpful!

Anyway, I am glad to be here! But, I may really need "OnePiece IE8 WinXPSP3 AddOn CHT" first!

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Guest snakecracker

welcome to the forums have a look at my topic of customizing Windows 7 ;)

enjoy your time here... :)

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