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I got some notes on deviantart that people wanted some things done to my old cad 2009 edition v1.6, that they want to change the font color to what they want. So I thought of bringing the project back, so now it will be named cad 2010 edition, I never thought I would have to bring the project back after making cad 2009 edition v1.6 final, but I have been so bored anyway so there is not problem of doing this of re-newing the project... I have taken out the icon folder so far and the png folder, so now you will need like resource hacker to mod the images in cad 2010 edition. this way it was more easy to manage the project. I have also taken out the sounds folder, now that will also require resource hacker to change the wave files in the project. So far it's coming around nicely, I have been wanting to make the backgrounds for cad 2010 edition to be part of the res file inside of cad2010.exe, the only problems im running into is getting the program to detect the correct resolution and change it, or if it can not find the background to choose a different one. The main reason I posted this forum is to let people know about the new project, and what else would people like to be done for changes from v1.6 to this new project? Please ask any questions if you have any.

The new CAD 2010 EDITION has a new setup method like how vistart from lee-soft the OneStep setup.

Location to cad 2009 edition v1.6


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Hello, i want to have support for all languages => when i translate language.txt not all letters are showing correct. Can you add support for all char coding?

Yes, im working on the configuration area in language.txt right now so you can:

change color

change size

change font type

So maybe that will make it work correctly in all languages.

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Did you try to change the font type in the language.txt

I hope this is beta 2 that your using lol.

Find out what font type that your text language is in.

Im not sure I know like people that are from russia had problems as well with the type of fonts like the text didn't show up correctly, I would try a different font type, first thing to try to do is find out what type of font that shows up correcly for your language.

Like try it out in notepad change font until it comes up. then use the font type.

Another thing you can do is send me your language.txt and keep your language on it for me to try, im on Windows 7, and I wanna see if it does anything different, it could be just a font issue that I don't know of like a out dated font file. Im really not sure I only speak english, But thanks for showing me both of how it looks and how it should look, I asked the guy from russia to do the same and he didn't understand me or something, because I don't know how it should look, you know. But I do see how it's different from your screen shots.

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Since I used the 2009 version on my nlite XP.. does this one have silent switches or anything?

CAD 2010 EDITON uses switches.. if your talking about like shortcut targets

if you launch it from a shortcut it is "C:\Program Files\CAD 2010 EDITION\cad2010.exe" -lockcomputer

and the other switch is -changepassword

this is for the v2.0

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I tried the following

- deactivating video

- loaded video file

- music plays

- ctrl-alt-delete: music still plays

- activated video

- loaded video file

- video plays

- ctrl-alt-delete: video crashes

Also, I verified that this crashes on another SP3 machine.

Hope this helps

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