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Who have iphone 4 and can you share your opinions about it?

Because ı heard some problems about antenna.

And how is its performance?

I asked these things because I want to buy.

I hope ı could tell my opinions clearly.

Thank for your helping. :)

Regards, Sefa USLU.

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iPhone 4 advantages over iPhone 3GS

  • Sexy new design, exclusive glass panels
  • New display has 4x the resolution and contrast ratio, wider viewing angles
  • 1GHz Apple A4 platform is faster than ever before
  • Double the RAM amount (now reaching 512MB)
  • Quad-band 3G with HSDPA and HSUPA
  • 802.11n Wi-Fi support (though conclusively faster even in G mode)
  • Three-axis gyro sensor for unsurpassed motion control
  • 5MP AF camera with backside illuminated sensor and LED flash
  • Camcoder shoots 720p HD videos at 30fps
  • Front video-call camera (FaceTime calls)
  • Active noise cancellation with a dedicated mic
  • Improved battery life

Full review:


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Thanks N1K.

But ı already knew specifications of it.

And ı could learn these things by google etc :)

I wanted to know if it was good as much as they said.

You know using sth is more different than watching advertisements :)

I wanted to know this.

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I say wait for the bugs to be fixed

Yeah, I heard about bugs (antenna).

Luckily it will be come to Turkey on August.

Still enough time ı think.

Well, at first ı was so sad why it wasnt released same time with other 5 countries.

But now i am really lucky :)

Thank for your advice :)

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