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WinRar 5.71 x32 - x64 - Silent Español modificado WS7


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    • By luis
      Winrar 5.71 español modificado x32 - x64
      WinRar x32 - x64 
    • By luis
      Winrar 5.71 Español modificado Dark x32 - x64
      WinRar x32 - x64 
      Nombre: WinRar_WSD_Silent.exe Tamaño: 11.04MB CRC32: 77e7ee1f MD5: e9da036f1cb312ba0aa8c1e151e5a2df SHA-1: c670ebc194e3fb3e1812710183929d2ee7f9e274
    • By OnePiece
      Ragazzi ecco come True AddOn il WinRar, addon e valido per RVMi e Nlite in Windows NT5.x (2000/XP/2003), e per WinNT6.x True Integrator in Windows NT6.x Vista/Seven/8/Next
      Create OnePiece WinRar True AddOn INTL
      Aggiornato (17 Ottobre 2014)
      Aggiornato (17 Ottobre 2014)
      Aggiornato (17 Ottobre 2014)
      Aggiornato (17 Ottobre 2014)
      Aggiornato (17 Ottobre 2014)
      Hash MD5 3B796C4214F5DF15748F679DE1D276A8
      Filesize: 54.1 KB (55441 bytes)

      Ragazzi per scopo di sviluppo, in Addon e compresso e impostato di default la Tema Vista_Ultimate_48x48, cosi chi vole usare un altra tema ect ect, quello che li serve fare e semplice (appunto pensato a un struttura di addon per semplificare le cose li ;) )

      1 - Creare una cartella (esempio WinRar_AddOn)
      2 - Scaricare Create_OnePiece_WinRar_True_AddOn.cmd, e copiare il Create_OnePiece_WinRar_True_AddOn.cmd in WinRar_AddOn
      3 - Scaricare WinRar Setup http://www.rarlab.com/ x32 oppure x64 (oppure tutti i due insieme)
      4 - estrarre il WinRar Setup x32 in WinRar_AddOn\WinRarx32 o il WinRar Setup x64 in WinRar_AddOn\WinRarx64 (oppure tutti i due insieme)
      5 - potete ignorare questo, chi a una licenza personale potrà copiare il RARREG.KEY dentro il WinRarx32 o WinRarx64 (oppure in tutti i due insieme)
      6 - potete ignorare questo, chi vuole potrà copiare anche il WinRarTs.cab in WinRar_AddOn\WinRarTs.cab
      7 - con NotePad in Create_OnePiece_WinRar_True_AddOn.cmd impostare la lingua del WinRar\AddOn, esempio
      SET THEMENAME=Vista_Ultimate_48x48SET VERSION=5.1.1SET LANGUAGE=ITASET LANGNAME=Italiano8 - eseguire il WinRar_AddOn\Create_OnePiece_WinRar_True_AddOn.cmd

      Fate sempre attenzione ai (ANSI) Extended Character perche il file cmd non li accetta, ed tra i 100 linguaggi diversi di WinRar, e proprio quello ITA che contiene un file con nome in (ANSI) Extended Character, cosi prima di eseguire il file cmd serve prima rinominare il Novità.txt in Novita.txt

      come sempre per estrarre o creare archivi cab potete usare il http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/7702-dxtool/

      Ciao a tutti.
    • By nonno fabio
      Onepiece's WinRar True AddOn for Windows XP/2003/Vista x86-x64/7/8/10/NEXT x86-x64 bit ENU TRUE Addon

      Update (17 October 2014)
      Update (17 October 2014)
      Update (17 October 2014)
      Update (17 October 2014)
      Update (17 October 2014)
      Hash MD5 3B796C4214F5DF15748F679DE1D276A8
      Filesize: 54.1 KB (55441 bytes)
      compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Windows Server 2003 (Nlite/RVMi) and Windows Vista/Seven/8/10/NEXT 32/64 bit WinNT6.x True Integrator

    • By NIM
      Dear visitors,
      We have a special giveaway offer for October. RARLAB company generously gave us 5 licenses for their latest version of super popular archiving software WinRAR v5.0
      WinRAR is a 32-bit and 64-bit Windows version of the RAR Archiver, the powerful archiver and archives manager, which now supports multi-core-processors.
      RAR files can usually compress content up to 30% faster than the ZIP files. The most important functions of WinRAR include extremely powerful document and multimedia file compression, damaged archive repair, authenticity verification, Unicode support and archive encryption.
      WinRAR is available in over 40 different languages and runs on Windows 2003/XP/Vista/2008/Windows 7/Windows 8. Latest version of WinRAR archiver has numerous improvments over its predecessor that include better compatibility with Quad Core CPU's and better RAM utilization which result in super fast archiving speed.
      What's new in version 5.0
      There is a new archive format. When using WinRAR 5.0, the user will not only have the existing RAR and ZIP compression options but also the new RAR5 archive format. An assortment of advanced algorithms has been implemented in addition to further optimization for use with modern software and hardware configurations. In summary, there is no better option for file compression than RAR5.
      “It's never been more important to feel confident your sensitive data is safe from unwanted access and tampering,” says Öncül Kaya, managing director of win.rar GmbH. WinRAR has always set the standard for quick and easy encryption and that's not going to seize anytime soon. With WinRAR 5.0, the RAR algorithm has been upgraded to include 256-bit AES encryption - further ensuring that the user’s data is fully protected. With RAR encryption, data is safe and sound. 
      RAR archives have always provided a higher compression ratio than the competition. WinRAR 5.0 can now create larger dictionaries of up to 1 GB in the 64-bit version of WinRAR which leads to an even higher compression ratio than in previous versions.
      Decompression speed has also been increased due to the introduction of a number of advanced algorithms optimizing the process. The increased of speed derives primarily from the use of multithreaded decompression on multi-core systems.
      Further Additions to WinRAR 5.0
      Based on the demand of many users the limitation of maximum archived file path length in RAR archive is changed from 260 to 2048 characters. Another major improvement is the new recovery record function which is based upon the Reed-Solomon error correction codes making archive recovery stronger and more efficient. In test scenarios with a 1 GB archive, WinRAR was able to fix 9 times more damages relative to the previous version. The file identification within RAR archives has been additionally enhanced by using BLAKE2sp hash as a file checksum. With BLAKE2 inclusion, one may definitively detect whether files are different or the same. While using CRC32, two different files may share the same value. This is not the case with BLAKE2.
      More information on the improvements of WinRAR 5.0 can be found here:
      Another tip: for all Windows-64-bit users, it is highly recommended to install the WinRAR 64-bit version. It is faster and offers the best available integration.
      WinRAR’s compression speed in Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 and on any multi-core-system has been increased considerably.
      WinRAR 5.0 32-bit can be downloaded HERE
      WinRAR 5.0 64-bit can be downloaded HERE
      Giveaway NOTE (please read!)
      To enter this giveaway please LIKE WinCert.net and WinRAR on FACEBOOK or add a plus on GOOGLE+ pages, add us to your circles and post your full name below.
      If you have already Liked us on Facebook or Google+ pages, then just post your name below and you will automatically enter the giveaway.
      Giveaway will end on October 20th, 2013 when we will announce our lucky winners. Please remember to follow the rules of this giveaway or your request won't be valid.
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