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Foxit Reader v6.1.1.1031


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Minor update: Included plugins: Firefox Plugin, Eastern Asian Language Support & Foxit Spell Checker.

Just to inform: Only 3 plugins are compatible with Reader 5.0

If you look under 'Critical Add-ons in Foxit Reader' list, only first 3 plugins are compatible with Reader 5.0

The rest are not compatible

Pls uninstall any existing foxit Reader before you manually install this one. This is to make sure uninstall will work properly.

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updated to v5.0.2.718


This update has no new or deleted files. Just some file replacement. I hope this info helps you make it easy to update your spanish version as well.

ok geej, thanks for the info

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That is a known bug in the new forum software. Until it is fixed, right click the "download image" and choose "Open link in new tab". That should work for you. I just checked it.

Cheers and Regards

Working in Internet explorer, in firefox not working, thanks.

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Working in Internet explorer, in firefox not working, thanks.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I didn't know about this either. Anyway, I put up a simple link so that Firefox user will be able to download.

Edited by Geej
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Hi all

Updated to v5.1.0.1021


1) Default skin is now Blue. However, user can still change skin color.

To change your preferred skin color, go to [strings] section to edit Skincolor=

2) Update FoxitReader50_Manual.pdf to FoxitReader51_Manual.pdf (in English)

3) Includes lang_es_es.xml in FoxitRdr.cab but not copied over.

This is to allow luis to make the necessary changes at his end for his Spanish forum user.

Inf changes:

1) DelFiles= are removed to speed up Foxit reader uninstallation. Use RunPostSetupCommands only

2) Add español code (but commented out) to accommodate luis to make inf editing easier for Spanish forum user. *see below

3) Add more entries in HKCU registry.

4) Can manual install over an existing installation, provided my addon v5.0.2.718 is used initially.

However, if an existing Foxit Reader 5 is installed through setup.exe / .msi, then uninstall the whole package first before installing this one.

(Ensure the program files folder (Foxit Software) is also removed during uninstall.)

*Inf added changes (for luis reference only):

;lang_es_es.xml=1 ; archivo xml para lenguaje español
FoxitReader51_Manual.pdf=1 ; English Manual

FoxitReader51_Manual.pdf ; English Manual

;HKCU,Software\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader 5.0\Preferences\Languages,langid,0x0,49029d ; español language

Name =%ShortcutN1%
SubDir =%ProfileSubdir%
CmdLine =16422,Foxit Software,FOXITR~1\FOXITR~1.exe
WorkingDir=16422,Foxit Software\Foxit Reader
;InfoTip =El mejor Lector PDF para usar hoy en día! ; español language

;Tips ="El mejor Lector PDF para usar hoy en día!" ; español language

Edited by Geej
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Thanks for this Geej. Any ideas how we can install this silently on a live setup of XP? I've used the following script:

rundll32 syssetup,SetupInfObjectInstallAction DefaultInstall 128 FoxitRdr.inf

However, this still shows the copying files and more importantly, I want to remove the Cancel button to stop users from cancelling the install. Any ideas?

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Thank you Geej! That worked perfectly!

Just for knowledge sake, everywhere on the Internet I have read has said to use "DefaultInstall" just wondering why it didn't work with DefaultInstall and worked instead with Install.

Actually I don't really know why kels command is not working.

You got me thinking... so I know why now...

Actually what you know from the internet is generally right and Kels command is not wrong either.

But because advpack.dll does not support RegisterDLLs directive, so it "appears" the command is not working. But if you include additional directive into the [DefaultInstall] such as profileitems, the ProfileItems actually get executed. You can try the following code by including in the default install section like below

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