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Foxit Reader v6.1.1.1031


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Hi qwesta
Thanks for the link. I have checked out the latest file.(FoxitReader545.01141_enu_Setup.exe). Does not have much difference.
The only difference is a file "Foxit Reader.exe.man" which is about 72.8 kb.
You can replace the file with this download if you wish to but frankly, I don't know how useful it will be. I won't be uploading the whole package until next major update.
There is no need to change anything in the inf when you replace this file.




Foxit Reader.exe.man.7z
Size: 7.6 Kb (7,780 bytes)
MD5: EA38F1DA9E199E7458522936EBD637D8

(pls extract the file to Foxit Reader.exe.man)
and replace it in

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Sorry for the delay. I've got poor internet connection using iphone Personal Hotspot feature on my desktop. Uploading/surfing is a challenge as webpage always get non-responsive half-way.


Nevertheless, finally updated to v5.4.5.0124


Now in switchless format. Install at T13.

(I have almost redo the inf from scratch.)


Tool required to modify: Winrar & text editor

What and Where to customize:

1) Within sfx exe, the lang folder

2) Root of sfx, FoxitRdrXPW7.inf


2 additional language files are included in this update, in the lang folder (German & Spanish) of the sfx.

For next update version, no lang files will not be included. (can take from your system)


Additional language files can be download at http://languages.foxitsoftware.com/?proid=18


As usual, user can change skin & lang setting in the inf.

ReplaceDriveletter.vbs now includes additional detection of win7 installation.

Compatible with win7 x86 (just extract the .cab to get the .exe silent installer)


English user can manually delete the 2 lang files in 'lang' folder. Do not need to remove 'lang' folder. It will be deleted if folder is empty.


Cheers :)

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Major update. Updated to
Please uninstall old one before installing this one.

Lang is automatically set if it is Spanish or German.
2 lang files are included but will remove the unwanted one (via ReplaceDriveletter.vbs)
Hence if Spanish is detected, lang_de_de.xml will be deleted.
If German is detected, lang_es_es.xml will be deleted.
If it is English, 'lang' folder will be deleted.
Prompt string are localised but if I translate wrongly, let me know.
There are various favour of Langid. I use for German = 0407
Spanish = 0C0A and 040A
If it is wrong, let me know what is the correct OS lang. (lang ref code)

Beside choosing Skin color, user can also choose Toolbar mode (Classic or Ribbon) via inf editing in [strings] section.
Default is Classic Toolbar.
Default is Blue Skin.

Now support ENU, DEU & ESN as default.
Hope to hear feedback from spanish / german user if everything is done correctly or not.



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Hi Geej, thanks for your hard work to please, I did check the .inf and all translate its ok but I get an error when I run my silent: "Is need the file "%Infname%.inf" en (unknown)", I thought it was my mistake and test your silent .exe and I get the same error, I hope you can solve, sorry for this inconvenience, thanks.

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Thanks Geej the installer works very good with your modification, but have a problem with the language, the language is not installed, but I think it is a mistake of Foxit, in Foxit selecting Preferences, Languages​​, well selected shows "Choose custom language" but now the name of the language for Spanish is mts_lang_es_es.xml according to this window, I did rename the file but show an error of File does not exist, the same happens with the name of file lang_es_es.xml

ah I forgot it, when I select the language, displays the window "Run as" and then sends the error file not found

Edited by luis
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Thanks luis for the testing/ feedback.


I have email Foxit Software whether there is any new language support file.

This is their reply:

Thanks for your email. I am sorry that official version of Foxit Reader 6.0
hasn't been released yet,so the language files haven't been putted on our
website as well.


So it is English only. I think we just have to wait.


Also reupload post #1 to reflect inf changes.

WeBeRiO, you might want to download test again although it is english only.



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Thanks Geej for your interest and follow up on this issue, I imagine this to be no version "official", personally I will use this version and I'll be waiting until the version official and language right for upload the Spanish forumthank you very much.

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Hi Geej,


Firstly, thank you for your excellent work!


Testing the installation of your latest version, at the end of the process the message "could not locate INF file C:\Windows\INF\Evthing.inf". 


Not modified anything. Test on VM VirtualBox with Win7-x86.


A small bug maybe?


NOTE: in the previous version that did not occur.



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xspeed_one, thanks for reporting. I found the problem, now rectified.

updated in #1

Hi all, new lang files are available.

I have added inf lang support for : German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian & Turkish.

Only Dutch is still a problem as I tried to change within the program UI, I got a message that the lang file is not available for download. But I can download the file manually. I have added it but do not know whether Dutch lang setting can be set successfully or not. (my simple test shown it doesn't work with Dutch lang file)

Also only 1 lang file will be installed, rest will be deleted.


Edit: Sorry, lang setting doesn't work in XP yet. (tested in Win7 x86 ok)

Edited by Geej
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