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[Release] Windows Imaging Component (WIC) 1.2.0


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The Windows Imaging Component supports discovery of new and proprietary (e.g.' date=' Raw) image formats. Any application that uses WIC can take advantage of new image formats as soon as their CODECs (encoder/decoders) are installed on the computer. WIC includes updated CODECs for JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, & BMP that are more secure than previously released CODECs for these formats, and also supports a new high-performance image format called Windows Media Photo. Additionally, WIC provides metadata readers and writers for common image metadata formats, and enables applications to preserve their own metadata inside image files so they don't need to create "sidecar files".[/quote']

WIC in Microsoft products:

WIC is a component beginning to exist since vista RTM, and it's also exported to Windows XP/2k3 offically, furthermore, it's included in XP SP3.

WIC is a requirement of .NET 3.0 and is shipped with .NET installer.

What is this addon(or switchless installer) for:

I removed WIC in my .NET installer release, so this addon is for people who are using XP SP2(or earlier)/2003 want to take use of my .NET installer.

Another reason is that files are updated several times in vista but not in XP SP3, so I collected updates carefully, with catalogs, finally filtered out the useful catalogs and files making them an addon. So if you want to have WIC up-to-date, this is a good choice.

All files are digital signed. you can add them to sfcfiles.dll and do an integrity check.

Downloads: 3 releases are available:

  • Addon For XP SP3: NO inf, requested registry entries are added to HIVECLS.INF.
    YumeYao_WIC_Update_Addon_1_2_0.cab MD5: e07332f9934b85b6b1270a3e57fd1feb
  • Addon For XP SP2(or earlier)/2003: an inf is added with file copying entries because WIC is not present in their install CDs
    YumeYao_WIC_Addon_1_2_0.cab MD5: 1fa6bb5001bd5b10189375189e393df2
  • Switchless Installer for XP/2003: for those who want to install/update WIC on a live system.
    YumeYao_WIC_Installer_Addon_1_2_0.cab MD5: 5110402d7732eeb382f7155f17ad7fc7
  • Additionally, there is a hybrid installer(T-13 Addon) contains both XPS and WIC for smaller installer size:
    Integrating True Addons is recommended!! This is only for use if you just want the installer.
    YumeYao_XPSWIC_Installer_Addon_1_2_0.cab MD5: 2b52b6cfce758dad7ee2edda909fcb4d

Version Info:

Ver 1.2.0 2011-8-14

Updated to Vista SP2 files. catalog not included.

Ver 1.1.1 2010-3-10

Updated the hybrid installer to contain the latest XPS.

Ver 1.1.0 2010-8-12

Added a link for hybrid installer of both XPS and WIC.

Ver 1.1.0 2010-5-17

Added several missing reg entries, which provide more integratibility of WIC to the system.

Ver 1.0.2 2009-10-28

Only WIC for XP SP2/2003 is updated, because I forgot to compress files into *.xx_ in 1.0.1.

Ver 1.0.1 2009-10-23

Because what's available on M$ DL site is named 1.0, so this one is named 1.0.1

contains kb957321, kb967760 and kb973473

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