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GDism ELDI Java and .NET


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Here is the new file for French.

Many thanks

However, I have the same error on "GDism ELDI whithout Dism" and "GDism .NET ELDI portable":

Fixed in v3.1

Hi again

appreciate your hard working

I managed to run the .NET version successfully after i installed Microsoft Office 2010 Pro Plus

i do not know how.. but that what happend

maybe because the Office Package include Microsoft Visual Studio 8

Just want to let you know ^^


It was the MS Sans Serif font, It took a lot of time for discover that bug, now it use Arial one. :), So it is fixed in v3.1

Glad to help

PS: Actually, now I just opened your program and I noticed that there are several strings that are not translated but they were not in the translation file. So in some places it's half Portuguese with some half English sentences and even a few Spanish ones, like the default "Aceptar" button.

Anything that can be done about it? Or you plan to leave like that?

It's not really a big deal, just a heads up

Fixed in v3.1. Let me know any other suggestions. ;)

Won`t work for me. (.NET)

Crash at start

My System


-.Net 4 (reinstalled)

Fixed in v3.1.

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Sweet, I'll try out this tool and if time allows me I'll make a Slovenian translation (it appears I'm the only one from my region - except for fellow neighbor NIM).

Instead of making a new post I'll just edit this one and add things I like/don't like/noticed:

- I'm using portable version and noticed same bug as a fella earlier - not all buttons appear to be translated (I use English language, untranslated buttons are on the pop-ups such as under About and Options). But overall, this looks really nice :)

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Hi there, I am fresh at using WinToolKit, as well as GDISM, but am eager to help if it's possible at all... I could do a translation to Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian of this program if u want, but I'd need a brief instruction on what to translate and a pattern how to translate it... Best regards,

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