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WA Installer 3 Alpha


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Hi every one

i started to work on the new WA installer

first i rewrote the program in C#

it would take a while to make the new version

it's written from scratch and will be based on .Net Frame 4

i have been working on the new Task reader and soon to be finished

soon the Copy system , 7-Zip extractor and Fully 64 bit Support ( Got a new PC to test on it.)

the First Alpha would be released in a week or two

if there is any requests any one wants or bugs was in the old version

and waiting for your Requests

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ok here the list what needs to be done to finish the first Alpha

1-Finish the Tasks reader

2-Finish the Copy system

3-Add the 7-zip extractor

4-Improve the Gui

5-Add Run as Admin to the program

the program is still in a really early stages and will take a long time until it get to the old WA Installer

but i hope to do it better than the old version

any questions I'm ready

Edit: Here is the current Gui I'm working with some improvement might happen to it soon


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hey latest updates

Alpha 1 almost finished some tweaks today

and it should be released by tomorrow

it just do the basics very basics of installing an addon

that all for today

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