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ISO maker option to split image over multiple DVD/CD's


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I dont know if the option is available elseware in the toolkit but the ISO maker should have an option to split the image over several DVD/CD's for those whose WIM is too large to fit on a single DVD or who only have a CD Rom drive they can span it over multiple CD's

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Just an update, might have to delay this as i don't have a clue where to start... i know how to split the image and everything but... if someone has used the silent installer and has stuff like Office, etc... it could really screw up the installations :(

I may do this now but not allow it to work if Silent Installer has been used, what you think?

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Take too long to upload besides im downloading another 15200+, hopefully it will have some decent ones.

EDIT: I just recounted my icons and it's 76,000+ icons :thumbsup_anim: :confused02: :worthy:

"Hello, my name I Paul, & i'm an icon-aholic. I began collecting icons 12 years ago, on my old Win95 computer....


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