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Digital to Analog adapter


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OK so heres my problem: The jack where I plug in my headphones and is not that loud when watching movies (basically the old Sigmatel/IDT driver from 2008 that has not been updated by the OEM sucks), but I have another audio port that uses a separate (Realtek) driver but its digital. I think its a Toslink connector because it looks like a regular headphone jack with a red light coming out of if

Does anybody know of an adapter I can plug into the digital connector that will allow me to plug in regular stereo speakers or headphones?

BTW this is the type connector I think I have


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From what i gather from searching the web I would need to get:

Mini Toslink to Toslink wire


This Toslink to RCA adapter


Then this to connect the headphones


What I have been using to amplify my audio are these (USB powered) Acer speakers but the problem is because they get the power from the USB port I hear allot of interference (I notice this happens when connected to a USB hub and I cant get around this because my built in USB ports are all HUB'd), maybe if I get one of these AC to USB power sources then I will not hear anymore noise


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