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MSP Extractor (MS Office)


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The 'MSP Extractor (MS Office)' lets you convert your Microsoft Office updates into *.msp files which go into the 'Updates' folder of your Office installation disk so that they get installed automatically when you install Office.


Step 1: Add your Office updates

Click 'Add Office Updates' browse to them (exe) and wait for them to add into the list, you should then see information about the Office updates you have selected.

Step 2: Click Start

Click 'Start' and select which folder you want the new *msp files to go.

Step 3: Wait

Sit back and relax whilst W7T extracts the msp files, it will let you know when they are done.

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Okay...but I'm getting this error during installation. There were cases where some .msp had the same name with another .msp so what I did was add (2) at the end of the filename. Not sure whether the error is caused by this.


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Iam using v1.5.2.11.

When I use the filter under Tools-->Converters-->MSP extractor, it still extracts Msp's for languges that I have not ticked.

I try to keep my Office 2013 ISO as small as possible, only need  US UK and NO files.


Is this an Error?

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