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[Solved]Invalid data INF


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I make right click, install, the window opens and asks me to install the i386 folder is created but after I get the error Invalid data...

I tried modifying an inf file that works and the same, the same mistake ...

An issue of law to copy the files on the desktop?



Thanks for help


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Your profileitems are all messed up you are creating links on the desktop to url's on the same desktop, did you know you can create .url files with profileitems why not do that

Try this

Name =MAJ Chipset Intel,8,16
URL =http://www.whatever.com
;SubDir =

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Update profilitems and error persist...

fgcba report a warning :

!- 2 warning(s):

- Unassigned variable: %3A%; Check [bP.AddShorcut]!

- Unassigned variable: %2Fwww.ibps.alsace.banquepopulaire.fr%; Check


!- 2 warning(s).


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also seems problem from copy section

i just keep Copy.Files in copy section and all shortcut created

ok change to this

Copy2 = 16384,Lang

Copy3 = 16384,Photo a imprim

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  • 3 weeks later...

Profilitems = 16425 in .pdf file :s

I have changed to :

CmdLine = 11,,"shutdown.exe -r -t 0"

Error persist :(

New INF :



I created a SFX archive that points to the desktop containing my files and on the inf, I unclus the links and shortcuts and everything works for the better.

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Please modify/change the following to:

CopyFiles = CopyDT.Files,Photo.Files,Conf.Files,system32.copy

copyfiles = @Custos.inf,CopyDT.Files,Photo.Files,Conf.Files,system32.copy

[DestinationDirs];<--- Your dest dir syntax was wrong. That is why you got error. Below are the right ones.
CopyDT.Files =16384
Photo.Files =16384,Photo a imprim
Conf.Files =16384,Photo a imprim\Lang ;not sure this is the exact path, please modify accordingly

[CopyDT.Files] ;<-- better avoid using name that is same as Copy.Files directive
;bla bla bla files

CMD /Q/C MD """%1%\i386""" & COPY /D/Y """%1%\*.cab""" """%1%\i386"""

Note: I did not check if profileitems are okay or not.

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