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[Slim] .NET Framework 4 Full x86/x64 (1-10-2016)


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Hi ricktendo64!

I would like to make a slimmed version of the Hebrew LP. Can you help me out?

Where should I start? I got confused by the instruction you wrote on the first post and the ones that are in the VBS file...

If you need it, the Hebrew LP can be downloaded from here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/info.aspx?na=90&p=&SrcDisplayLang=he&SrcCategoryId=&SrcFamilyId=7a4c6414-7f64-47a5-ae20-218403137957&u=http%3a%2f%2fdownload.microsoft.com%2fdownload%2fE%2f1%2fB%2fE1B6F4D5-E6FE-4FA8-96F0-84EF495ED4E1%2fdotNetFx40LP_Full_x86_x64he.exe

Thanks in advance,


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The VBS file is very easy to use, just place it in the same dir as the msi's, open a cmd prompt and execute:

cscript netfx4+lp_slim.vbs

Now do a administrative install of all the msi installers (you can also use universal extractor to do this part) to leave the setup crap behind

msiexec /a <installer_name>.msi TARGETDIR=<name_of_folder>

I will do it for you and upload it to first post anyway, you can give it a go if you feel like

To repack the installer with your slim lp you need to extract my installer, add your slim lp files and installers, download the sfx builder and edit config.txt to activate the install lines for the lp installers (remove the semicolons ";" from the lines of the lp installers), recompress the installers with 7zip and drag & drop the .7z onto the .bat to build your exe installer

BTW I redid the Spanish, German, Portuguese, and French LP's so...redownload

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Hi Rick,

First off let me thank you for the great job you did and the hard work you put into it.I keep having an error while the slimmed net framework is installing it says error while initializing fusion.then it says retry or cancel.retry does not help so cancel is all thats left.It then continues to finish installing and says complete.Have you seen this before and what does it mean?It does not matter which switch i use.Thanks for any light you might shed

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I think so Rick.I am about to try it with the 64 bit win. 7 and will then post back.Spoke too soon i think.The MD5 was not the same on the one i had.Think i have it now and am trying it on both x86 and x64.

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Ok Rick i just finished with the x64 version and still getting error occured while initializing fusion.Am i doing it wrong maybe?This is what i have.The md5 on the dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64_SlimSetup.exe i downloaded is (0a61ae45c167fbb49092f1125f8a3529).I amuseing windows 7 sp1 both x86 and x64 clean disk.I am only addind slimsetup exe to the silent installs section and adding the y switch with it.Is there something different or more i need to do?

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Hello, Firstly Thanks for this exe, saved me a lot of time. However is there a way to hide the extracting files window that pops up?

You would have to repack it...to not show any dialogs AT ALL use this sfx and config.txt along with the sfx maker (you can use 7zsplit.exe to get the 7z archive from the exe)


If want to keep the begin and end prompt and only hide the extracting it will take some resource editing skills to remove the dialog...you could also change GUIMode from 0 to 2 but that will mess up the dialogs

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Updated the sfx maker: added /qb! switch to remove the cancel button from the msi gui install and updated the 7zsd.sfx to the latest stable version

Also added a VBS Slimmer script (thanks to dumpydooby) for .net 4, 4.5 and should also work on any of the LP's

Thanks for your continued work on this project, Rick.

I noticed that you didn't modify the manifest of the sfx to "requireAdministrator" or use the MiscFlags="4" in config.txt. The result is that the installer does not execute with Admin privileges and will fail on a UAC enabled system if it's not manually started as an Administrator.

Just thought I'd make you aware in case this wasn't by design.

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UG does this look OK?

<assembly xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v1" manifestVersion="1.0">

<assemblyIdentity version="" name="7-Zip.SfxMod" type="win32"></assemblyIdentity>

<assemblyIdentity type="win32" name="Microsoft.Windows.Common-Controls" version="" processorArchitecture="X86" publicKeyToken="6595b64144ccf1df"></assemblyIdentity>

<trustInfo xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v3"><security>
<requestedPrivileges><requestedExecutionLevel level="requireAdministrator" uiAccess="false"></requestedExecutionLevel></requestedPrivileges>

<compatibility xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:compatibility.v1"><application>
<supportedOS Id="{35138b9a-5d96-4fbd-8e2d-a2440225f93a}"></supportedOS>


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Thank you so much for this installer. I just tested it on my Win7 x64 installation, and it took less time to complete the whole script I wrote for my machine.

Now I can take 8 updates out of the list.

This is great. Me happy. :D

Edited by Rhor
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Yes it is compatible with xp x86, I would run it with /ain to execture ngen so you dont have a delayed xp network startup

What do you need to know about the /qb! switch?

Originally I used /qb but that allowed you to cancel the first msi setup and could potentially cause problems for the second msi so I added "!" which removes the cancel buttons

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