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Guide for Component Removal ?


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Just wondering if there was a more complete point by point listing of what each item is, whats worth removing, and what really isnt worth bothering with.

Or are the color listings and quick descriptions of each item considered good enough when choosing what to remove and what not to remove ?

BTW, after digging around various forums looking for a good tool to slim down my win7 - I'd like to give major kudos to this tools creator ! This is very slick.

TY :)

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Theres no correct answer, my removal decisions are purely based on whether i will use it or not.

Do I use internet explorer? nope, remove it

Do I use Gadgets? nope, remove it

and so on...

Do I use IIS? nope, remove it... oops lost NET3.5... :P

Maybe you should include somekind of warning for these kind of situations?

For the thread starter, Package Descriptions can be found here:


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Maybe implementing some presets would help, like 'Choose which features you don't use'?

'advanced/corporate networking features' would select everything under Networking and IIS

'virtualization' would select HyperV, VirtualPC

'mobile PC', 'Windows Media Player/Center', 'Printing' etc in the same fashion.

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