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[AddOn] dBpowerAMP Music Converter r14.2 [26.01.2012]


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Size : 20.7 MB

CRC32 : 0C20309D

MD4 : D189AD6E4CBFD25E8493C1822C057082

MD5 : B18D17B317EC58D3DB8F06B0F33643F4

SHA-1 : BDEA5938ABF16125BC74B53E9023A1D084EC019E

dBpoweramp Music Converter™ (dMC), a.k.a The Swiss Knife of Audio, contains a multitude of audio tools in one :

  • CD Ripper, digitally extract audio from Audio CD to computer (MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC...);
  • Music Converter, convert from one format to another whilst preserving ID Tags;
  • ID Tag Editor;
  • Windows Explorer|menu integration: audio info tips & columns

Publisher : Illustrate

Licence : Shareware (MP3 license )/Freeware

Version : r14.2

Addon for : XP

Language(s) : English

>>>>>>>>>>[ Snapshots are taken from Windows XP Pro French edition ]<<<<<<<<<<




The last free version (v10) is downloadable >>>HERE<<<.

The followings codecs are built into dBpoweramp (no need to install) :

  • AIFF
  • Apple Lossless
  • FLAC
  • mp3 (Lame) (21 days trial)
  • Wave
  • [Multi-Encoder]

dBpoweramp is designed to be open and extensible, additional Codecs (compression and decompression types), as well as Utility Codecs (perform useful actions on existing audio files) and DSP Effects can be installed from [Codec Central].

There are two (02) distinct dMC versions :

  • Free : a functional Ripper and Converter, mp3 encoding missing (mp3 encoder on trial license);
  • Reference (Shareware) : Aimed at the audio professional & enthusiast, offering technically advanced features (Power Pack & mp3 License included: indefinite mp3 encoding, enhancements to dBpoweramp)

dMC Versions Differences Explained


dBpoweramp Reference r-* Trial reverts to dBpoweramp Free after 21 days trial.

NB : * = version n°

//////////// INSTALLATION/UNINSTALLATION //////////////

1) installable/uninstallable through Add/Remove Windows Components


Included with this addon

Codecs :

  • aac
  • aiff (preloaded in dMC)
  • cli
  • directshow
  • flac (preloaded in dMC)
  • m4a
  • m4a nero aac
  • m4a utilities

  • m4b
  • midi
  • monkeys
  • musepack
  • ogg vorbis
  • optimfrog

  • shorten
  • speex
  • toolame
  • tta
  • wavpack
  • wma10

Utilities :

  • [Arrange Audio] (Power Pack required)
  • [Audio Info] (Power Pack required)
  • [Calculate Audio CRC]
  • [Channel Split]
  • [iD Tag Update]
  • [Length Split]
  • [Multi-Encoder] (preloaded in dMC)

  • [ReplayGain]
  • [Tag From Filename]

DSP Effets


and Power Pack (except license key file, named PowerPack.bin. File inside addon is a FAKE. To Register 'Power Pack' visit dBpowerAMPs Registration Page) :


Power pack detailled description

2) In MANUAL INSTALL (right-click on dMConvtr.inf file --> click on "Install" command), add the ability to choose additionnal components to install. 1rst, GO TO [ExtraComponents.MarkInstalled] section to make some mods (per default, none will be installed):

; ---[Codecs]---
rundll32.exe advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection ""%01%\dMConvtr.inf"",AAC.Encoder.Install,1,N
; rundll32.exe advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection ""%01%\dMConvtr.inf"",Monkeys.Install,1,N
; rundll32.exe advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection ""%01%\dMConvtr.inf"",Musepack.Install,1,N
rundll32.exe advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection ""%01%\dMConvtr.inf"",m4a.Codec.Install,1,N

i.e, commands below allow you

  • to install (incomment out lines) AAC & M4A codecs;
  • but MONKEYS & MUSEPACK codecs(commented out lines) WILL NOT BE.


If u click YES, your selected additionnals components (incomment out lines) will be installed.

If u click NO, only dBpoweramp will be installed. But you can add more codecs later, if necessary, passing through Add/Remove Windows Components.


3) Manual install is silencer as possible. And to prevent the locking of file %programfiles%\Illustrate\dBpoweramp\dbshell.dll during uninstallation of dMC, my script stops (FORCED WAY) the process EXPLORER.EXE. Therefore, all your desktop icons will disappear during a very short time. So, DON'T PANIC !!!

In 'normal' operation, the following screen should appear for 1 to 3 sec. And then be automatically closed by the script:


Instead, if you see screen below


1rst, click on OK buttom from "dBpoweramp Configuration" window then click YES or NO to install or to uninstall pas additionnal components.

Why? During addon installation, you used your mouse/keyboard and then changed the focus.

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