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Changing Windows XP Battery Meter Icons


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Well, if your like me and like having a new set of icons instead of those old windows 98 battery icons, heres how you can change em fairly simply :)


Download XN Resource editor from here and install it. Then, open batmeter.dll from "C:\windows\system32" in the resource editor and browse to "bitmap\301\" on the left pane.

You can then copy the image out and modify it in your favourite picture editor.

To change the file, you will need to download and run Replacer.exe and replace the original batmeter.dll file in windows\system32 because if you just save the file to it, windows will overwrite it when you boot up.

You can download my batmeter file, here or below.


Now updated to match the Vista battery icons almost 100% (about 95% due to a charge icon issue), Also, if you have XPize installed with the UXtheme patch (or you have done it yourself) here is a theme you might like for your computer.


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there was a few problems with some of the graphics and displaying properly when you were charging. i fixed that and also made the little icons black around the egdes for better visibility under the MCE look and the classic look.

Edit: have put them back to the original colors, icons now follow vista's look. you can modify them to anything you want, even if you have paint ;)

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Hmm, I wonder what else I can add :P

I tried updating the icons that show up inside the batter meter, but they're only 16 colors. If I modify them, they get all grainy :lol:

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Hey guys!

Thanks ALOT for this, cygnus, it works and looks great!! But as 3lie is asking, is it somehow possible to change the speaker icon - and as well the internet icon, bluetooth icon +++??

I found this at the devianart forum: http://comments.deviantart.com/18/1186530/...15965?offset=10. But I don't know how to use it to change the icons... it doesn't seem to be possible with the XN Resource editor...



Thanks for the tutorial.

What about the sound speaker icon?

Is there a way to change it to?

Peace :)

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Sorry mate, I haven't modified any icons since June 8 of 07, I haven't looked into the other icons either. Maybe if I get some free time today I'll see about modifying the other icons for you and post how to do it.

Just gotta get an XP machine now hehe, all my PCs are on Vista.

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