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Due to a large number of spammers registering lately, we had to disable new registrations using gmail accounts.

Until we found another solution for protection against spammers, this setting will remain active.


WinCert Administration Team

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Yes, Kel,

we are using Captcha 2, custom question, blocked a lot of email domains, but nothing helps.

It seems like IPB is doing this, as if they try to force me to change my perpetual license to standard license, that would cost more and has a spam cop feature that apparently works very well.

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I banned someone today who had posted 20+ spam posts in one day, is it possible to have a feature where the first 5 or so posts have to be moderated before appearing on the forum.

This is getting really bad.

Group Auto-Promotion

Discussed in more detail in another article, you can utilize the member group automatic promotion features in IP.Board to help manage new registration. For example, you can setup two member groups: New Members and Full Members. You can then instruct IP.Board to place all new registrations in the New Member group until they have been active for, as an example, 5 days. You would then place restrictions on the New Member group as you see fit (perhaps limiting post per day, not allowing profile customizations, etc.) using all the various options in IP.Board.

The idea is that spammers will more than likely spam your community instantly and you can ban them quickly. The restrictions on your New Member group will keep the damage they can do to a minimum. Real, non-spammer members will after just 5 days be auto-promoted to the Full Member group and then lose those restrictions.




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i am new to the this site.

I am from india.

I Just got solution of window xp mce from ricktendo sir from the topic 'question for ricktendo sir'.

All of you are doing great work.

I think spammers are those people who are new to know about the window customization.

They get this information the world famous google.com website.

In the beginning they don't know about anything just start with nlite.

As the time pass they find a site whose name is wincert.net.

They actually download content window customization.

As the time pass they get more knowledge abot window customization but they have many doubt about it.

So they register on wincert.net and start posting their problem (post more than 3 or 5 problem in one time).

So thats why all of you good people call them spammers.

But they are not spammers.

These peoples want to increase their knowledge.

Sorry, if you don't like my post.

Sorry, for my bad english.

Thank you.

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I think the best common definition for spammers that we can all agree with is that they are folks that send you, or post, unrequested and unwanted advertisements or suggestions to go to other web sites, usually multiple times if they can get away with it, all with the hoped for, by them, end result that you will spend needless money for unnecessary or overpriced items and/or give them leads to others who will fall for their ploys, or at the very least, waste your time deleting their unwanted ads..  As ricktendo says -- junk mail.


Folks that post multiple questions can sometimes be annoying, usually unintentionally, but they are not spammers.  If they show that they are willing to follow suggestions, and read and make an effort to find the answers themselves, then they are more than welcome here.  It is hoped that they will then become a valued contributing member who is willing to then give back to the community and share what they learn and help others.


If someone continues to ask the same pointless questions, or ones that have been answered over and over again, without making the slightest effort to search for the answer and help themselves, or they continue to argue with the people that try to help them, or are rude, or refuse to follow suggestions or provide asked for information, that person is still not a spammer, but they will quickly be ignored.  If their behavior continues to get more and more rude and/or abusive then they risk being banned for their bad behavior.


Wincert is an easy going kind of place that is very accepting of others and has a lot of very helpful information and people.  We all, new members and veterans alike, have try our best to deal with misunderstandings that come up, usually due to either language/cultural differences or simply different knowledge or experience levels.


I hope you will continue to have good experiences here.


Cheers and Regards

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