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is it possible to re-add components that have been removed?


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Hi again,

Is it possible to re-add components I have removed? Specifically I want I to re-add the parental controls component but still keep all the other removals and tweaks. I believe ninite installer requires the web filter portion of parental controls to work properly. I'm getting this error when trying to run ninite:

Failed - The connection with the server was reset - 221

My research from here points me to Parental Controls being needed: http://community.kaseya.com/xsp/f/28/p/13249/64690.aspx

I now understand that if I want to make additional changes such as add wallapapers, themes or remove more stuff, I just need to NOT LOad my previous preset or any preset at all for that matter.



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Hey lego you should add a compatibility dialog for component removal like vLite did

Like for instance if you check compatibility for ninite it will hide parental controls to prevent it from removal

It will however need allot of user feedback saying I removed X component and it broke X program

I second that!

Can anyone confirm this for me? I'm not 100% about this but it makes sense that web filtering (lack of the service existing) might not allow ninite to work properly.

Lego, where can I make requests for additions to future versions of your work?


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