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Windows 7 Toolkit v1.3.0


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Download and more Information: http://www.wincert.n...dows-7-toolkit/

NOTE: The download link contains more info about the program itself.

If you have a problem, bug, glitch, etc... then click here, trust me it does help!

If you have a request... then click here!

Update - 18th February 2012

Ok guys i've created a part 2 for this topic as the first one is getting too big as some people are not reading what i have posted above in big bold writing.

As you may have noticed i have not released a version for a while due to being busy at University, don't worry i have been keeping note of what users have said with little notes about how i can fix that (Microsoft OneNote). I have received enough logs to keep me busy for a while but i haven't made notes about how i can resolve those issues.

I've still got quite a bit of University work to do but i will do what i can regarding W7T so don't lose hope. Also i've noticed there is a lot of unfinished requests in the requests forum so i'm not sure if i should leave the extensive work to the component removal to v1.5.0 instead, what do you guys think?

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I seem to disagree with the previous posts.

Personally I find the component removal feature the most important in a tool that has the purpose of customizing a windows install.

The reason is simple: most other tasks that can be performed with W7T are also available post-installation, like system and registry tweaks, updates, software installation, GUI customization etc.

While it is nice to be able creating an install disk with everything pre-configured, it isn't as vital as being able to remove the unnecessary clutter from the bloatware that Windows has become, since that cannot really be done efficiently and safely after installation.

Furthermore, other "windows customization" tools that implement a component removal do it in an unpolished and unreliable way (RT7-Lite anyone?), which leaves us pretty much without a real alternative

For the above reasons I believe that the sooner the "extensive work to the component removal" is started, the better. W7T does a good job on that so far, but the scope is still pretty limited

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Cool. From that thread it also seems that DISM also include ImageX functions, making it obsolete. Hope that somehow Windows 8 DISM can be installed in windows 7 on top of the pre-installed DISM.

And yes, since soon windows 8 beta will become publicly available, maybe Legolash will have time to look into this option, and investigate if the advantages are worth the trouble :)


yes. I installed the Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) which replaces the WAIK

on my Windows 7 Sp1 and tested it with a VHD of Win7 Sp1 which I use for native booting and it works fine.

Currently the ADK is only available for MSDN subscribers.

Cool! :D

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That's how they are supposed to work *Reaper* didn't know that so his new addons should integrate fine without having to click start.

v99 released, i've finally had some free time to fix/add a few stuff. If you've reported a bug and i haven't fixed it yet then give that topic a 'bump'.

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  •^FIX: Spelling mistakes

Some spelling mistakes had been mentioned in 'The Little Things v3' thread, so i corrected them.

Not enough information was being displayed, so i created a brand new error message screen for this, other errors will use this new screen eventually too as needed.

  •^FIX: Hopefully fixed some updates being installed as language packs

Some updates started getting installed as Language Packs (again) so hopefully i've fixed it this time round.

  •^FIX: W7T will now replace old RunOnce when using silent installer

I have noticed that some users still have old version of RunOnce (Silent Installer), so i've told W7T to replace old versions with the latest next time the user uses silent installers.

  •^FIX: Enable SSL tweak

Some user here, had reported that the current tweak doesn't work and that it can make webpages not load, the tweak now enables all SSL and TLS checkboxes.

  •^FIX: W7T now saves selected default theme pack in preset

Some user here, asked if W7T could save which theme you selected as default in the preset file.

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Statistic Update:

50,000+ lines of code.

80,000+ global downloads since records began so the true figure will be a lot more :D 31,000 of those was just in 6 months :P

Statistics are good! And to think, you are a popular programmer right now! :dancing:

You do good work. I am seriously glad you are not charging for this service. ;)

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Thanks crashfly.

I've been looking at error logs and fixed about 4 issues from the error log, however one can't be fixed and it's the one which allows you to integrate IE9.exe, so i may have to remove it's support. However i may be able to get it converted to cab during integration but haven't had time to test that.

Just thought i'd give you guys a heads up.

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one can't be fixed and it's the one which allows you to integrate IE9.exe, so i may have to remove it's support.

So only the IE9.exe doesn't get integrated through W7T, or also the IE9.msu (latest KB982861)? :cold: :g:

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Because i haven't release it yet :P

Users should also notice that integrating updates will be faster in v102, because of some silly bug. I've also fixed an access denied error when integrating themes.

Thanks for those who uploaded their error logs!

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  •^FIX: Users can no longer set temp folder within or the same as the mount folder.

If you set the temp folder the same or within the temp mount folder it caused errors, W7T will not prevent you from doing this!

  •^FIX: Integration of IE9 exe now works

There was a problem with the new extraction method, IE9 has a /x syntac to extract the files so W7T now uses that. IE9.exe should install fine now.

  •^FIX: Updates incorrectly seen with foreign characters

I made a mistake where if the characters had english characters it would copy them to a temp folder and if they was non-english characters W7T would install it how it was. The problem is that it should have been the other way round so now it is fixed. It will also make integration faster and may fixed some issues with users trying to integrate updates...

  •^FIX: Fixed access denied message when integrating themes

If you added a theme which had been loaded previously, i.e Aero. You would have received a access is denied error which is now fixed.

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