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Cannot use batch with "for" command included

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I'm trying to run this batch file using wpi but it seems that wpi don't wait to end installation(it closes cmd window after a few seconds):

@echo off
echo Installing Windows Live Messanger 2011 only
for %%a in (*.exe) do "%%a" /q /NOToolbarCEIP /NOhomepage /Nolaunch /nosearch /AppSelect:Messenger

What I tried so far is:

{START} cmd /c "%wpipath%\Install\WLE\Runexe.bat"

{START} "%wpipath%\Install\WLE\Runexe.bat"

with or withought quotes

I'm trying to make simple the windows installation and updating application process for everyone. Using "for" command unexperienced users does not have to edit the silent swiches and parameters. All they have to do is to download newer installer then delete the older.

Please help me...

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