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Addon Request go here!


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Please post all your requests here instead of making seperate topics..

All addons makers try to fulfill them as early as possible.

Remember, don't ask for any warez.

Any request related to warez will be deleted with a possible ban to follow.

NOTE: Please leave a link to the homepage of the software you are

requesting a addon for.




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Google Chrome 5.0.375.70

Well, the crazy Chrome cats already have version 13 out a few days ago. I think it would be pointless to slipstream Chrome into a Win7 instal disk, unless you intend to install on 100 desktops with in a week, & never use your distro again. I suggest install the Chrome installer, auto-script its running, then have a script that will tweak it settings (eg default cache location & size, turn of Instant Pages, etc). Chrome now auto-updates, but I rather just grab the newest version from the start.

install help: http://www.google.co...py?answer=95346

release notes: http://googlechromer....com/?source=ln


WinUtilities Free Edition


Glary Utilities - Portable


I actually use both of these; they will catch stuff the other won't. But if I had to chose one; it would be an auto-downloader/unpacker for Glary Utilities - Portable.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker


This might be redundant; I think Win7toolkit will tweak the setting before install? But might be helpful to tweak after an install as well.

Win Calendar


edit startup sound



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I would like to request for following : :please:

1. Google Transliteration Utility link here

2. Combined Community Codec Pack link here

3. Any Windows 7 Aero theme which enables FULLY clear glass, and not a translucent one as in default aero theme.

4. Google Voice and Video setup (for Gmail video chat) link here

Thanks and appreciate your wonderful work. :thumbsup: :)

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Hi, everybody

Panda Cloud Antivirus (it's all free)



Panda USB Vaccine


Panda Cloud Anti Virus is a very successful av that is in top five of all the tests done by av-comparatives.org. Especially, it attracts attention for being more succesful than Microsoft Security Essentials.


Thank you.

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CDburnerXP (Homepage: http://cdburnerxp.se/ ) - It's a free CD/DVD-Burner...


Google Chrome (Homepage: https://www.google.com/intl/de/chrome/browser/ ) Well-known Webbrowser - Installs in the "AppData"-folders. But there's a "Business-Version" https://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/business/browser/ which installs in C:/Program Files/ ... Probably this version is easier to integrate...


Other programs are all mentioned above...

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i have one request..


tightvnc server with client viewer is on cool application if you got lot of working with many computer in the network environment.  i have no idea how converting to addon with windows service in the background and preconfigure administrator password


v.2.64 x64 http://www.tightvnc.com/download/2.6.4/tightvnc-2.6.4-setup-64bit.msi

v.2.64 x86 http://www.tightvnc.com/download/2.6.4/tightvnc-2.6.4-setup-32bit.msi


addon with dfmirage driver (optimization of pixel change)



many thanks for the respons, and cheers from indonesia :beerchug:

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Picasa is free Photo management software from Google and has built-in many advanced features as face recognation, so will be very useful if there is addon for it.





This is the homepage of DreamScene Seven.


Actually there already is a solution for missed dreamscene feature from Windows 7, but that one has some bugs in self like icons text are losing white color and so on. Whit this software you can play and pause dreamscene, and Dreamscene them make updates and bug fix it till today.


So is it possible to be created?

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