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NirLauncher Package + DIY (Sysinternals Suite)


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NirLauncher is a package of more than 100 portable freeware utilities for Windows, all of them developed for NirSoft Web site during the last few years.

The addon is design to include all files from NirLauncher package & Sysinternals Suite. It also integrates Sysinternals Suite but Sysinternals Suite is not included in the addon. User need to download directly from Sysinternals site, then add to this addon.

sysinternals3.nlp is included in the main addon (NirLauncherPackage11501_inf_addon.cab)

To assemble the whole addon package, Download Sysinternals Suite

(inf includes all files from Sysinternals Suite package dated 14 May 2012)

NirLauncherPackage11501_inf_addon.cab when extracted will contains 4 files.
1) entries_NirLauncher.ini
2) NirLaPkg.cab <-- Do not add Sysinternals Suite files into NirLaPkg.cab
3) NirLaPkg.inf <-- This file contains the installation for NirSoft & Sysinternals Suite files
4) SysInter.cab <-- put all the downloaded Sysinternals Suite files into SysInter.cab. Do not rename the .zip to .cab. Need to unzip properly and re-archive into .cab

Then recab NirLauncherPackage11501_inf_addon.cab

Important : Test in Virtual Machine first or perform a normal install to check for any error during installation.



Size: 10.57 Mb (11,108,831 bytes)

MD5: E3C482B58321A4F58C3B29BBC37DD384

Shortcut on Start Menu and desktop (All Users).

Sample Screenshot


(DIY = Do It Yourself)

I believe Sysinternal files are not for 3rd party distribution even if it is distribute for free. Hence user need to download from their site directly.

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