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Driver Installer


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The 'Driver Installer' lets you install any driver either from driver packs or you just have an updated driver to the computer currently installed (Live).

Installing Drivers


Step 1: Select the folder your drivers are in

Use the 'Add Drivers' to select the folder which contains your drivers *.inf files

Note: *.inf files with the same MD5 will not be added, this avoids installing the same driver.

Step 2: Click Start

Once your files have been added, click 'Start' and W7T will start installing the drivers on your computer.

Step 3: Wait

Wait may take some time to install all the drivers, so go for coffee, cup of tea or whatever you prefer. W7T will let you know when it's done.

Uninstalling Drivers


Step 1: Press the scan button

This will check which drivers are already installed via on your live system.

Step 2: Select the drivers you want to remove

Tick the boxes next to the drivers your want to remove.

Step 3: Press 'Uninstall' and wait

Now all you have to do is sit back and wait for those obsolete drivers to be removed, W7T will update the list once completed.

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Hi Wincert, i am about to make a windows 7. with 32-64 together. i intergrated like all update + drivers packs 700 drivers or so. but i take like forever i am up on 24hours now. its so slow in intergrateding drivers and updates. is there a way to speed this process up. do i need faster harddrives or what can be done. its not the newest computer.

and i have disable the antivirus program.

Intel Quadcore Q6600

6 GB Memory

Seagate 1000TB Disk 7200RPM.

Windows 7 Pro 64Bit

Kind regards Maxithx

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  • 1 month later...

yes it takes about 24hours to integrate but you must remember for an AIO image you are compressing 200+Gigs with all of them drivers into a 6.x GB file it is just amazing I am shocked it could be done this soon and I'm running an AMD 1100T with 16GB of ram over clocked to 3.8GHZ per core.

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  • 5 months later...

Los drivers gráficos se integran pero no se instalan, ¿alguien sabe porqué?


Muchas gracias.



The graphics drivers are integrated but not installed, does anyone know why?

Thank you very much.

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Los drivers gráficos se integran pero no se instalan, ¿alguien sabe porqué?


Muchas gracias.



The graphics drivers are integrated but not installed, does anyone know why?


Thanks for your help. E not found any Spanish forum to resolve this question.

Would be very grateful if someone could guide me to make the graphics drivers were installed, as all other drivers if integrated with Win Toolkit have been correctly installed on it.

Again thank you very much

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  • 9 months later...

Unknown Error X: Status: Installing Driver: 




I get this error for every driver I'm trying to integrate.


Using the latest version


Adding them by DISM command line works but not when using the app's Driver Installer option.



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  • 4 weeks later...

sir in driver installer tool in currently installed system, when we add folder of drivers and then these drivers are  added successfully in list then there should also be option that "force to install drivers unsigned".


b'z during installation many times "windows security" alert message comes that "windows can't verify the publisher of this driver softwares", to avoid this message again and again there should also be option that "force to install drivers unsigned" so that we can tick this option before installation starts

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  • 11 months later...

I have a driver.cab from dell with all drivers for my laptop model which i would like to integrate in a windows image. Can the toolkit work with this .cab file and include it in my windows image to install everything automatically?


Extracting the .cab file down to the .inf files and manually including them is quite inconvenient but is the only option i can see. Please help.

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By Export you mean Extract?


If i extract with 7zip i receive about 10 levels of subdirectories with a manifest.xml file on top which i think contains information for windows how to choose the correct drivers. The .cab file contains all possible drivers for hardware variations of the dell model I have (E6540), not just the hardware that is actually installed. Also the .inf files are buried somewhere in the subfolders which contain hunderds of files each, among them .exe installers which i would have to extract as well to get down to the .inf files. I would not even know where to start.


Or maybe I misunderstood your answer. Still confused on how to approach this.

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  • 1 year later...

I am trying to add new drivers for skylake and it doesn't recognize anything in my folders.  It said all that was needed are .inf files which are in there.

Am I missing something?

I have win tool 1544 and win10 pro.  This is for a Gigabyte GA-Q170M-D3H, I5-6500, and 8GB ram and windows 7 Ult x64 and RAID5.

I have the Gigabyte USB 3.0 (mb_utility_windowsimagetool) driver and EZRAID as well as the RAID driver bootdisk irst 64 - 100 series for installer.

Here's the problem I'm having, but RAID5 instead of NVMe.  I have no optical drive.  USB only.


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