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    • By Legolash2o
      This tool lets you capture images which then get added to a new *.wim or added to an existing one.

      Step 1: Select your option
      Firstly you need to figure out if you want to make a completely new wim or add to an existing one
      Warning:If you select the 'New WIM' option and select an image that already exists then it will be completely replaced.
      Step 2: Select WIM location
      Depending on the option you chose in step 1 then click 'Browse' and select your image you wish to add to OR press 'Save' and select where you wish to save the new image.
      Step 3: Select folder
      Select the folder you wish to capture inside an *.wim file.
      Step 4: Info
      W7T will try and fill in the 'Name', 'Description' and 'Flags'.
      Note: If you're adding to an existing image then your image name must be unique, it another image has the same 'Name' then it wont work!
      Option: Compression
      Its best to leave this at the default setting 'Maximum', which ensures a smaller *.wim file size.
      Once the above is done, click start
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