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Master Windows 7 Tweak File


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post-3506-0-91342100-1363314085_thumb.giRegTweaks_V2.5.7zRegTweaks_V2.5.7z March 14, ‎2013

There doesn't seem to have been a recent Windows 7 (or Windows 8) tweaks file posted in some time. So I've uploaded more than 165 tweaks in HTML format to make it easier to see helper files and folder and file paths that need editing; just unzip the files and click on tweaks.htm file. All the helper scripts are perfectly safe text files that you must change to a suitable file extention to work. You can open the reg_preview.gif file to preview what the html file looks like. There are also some suggestions for free apps to accomplish some of these tweaks without editing the registry file.


  • Successfully tested 80% of the tweaks on Windows 8
  • Added disable Windows 8 Charms Bar tweak
  • Added disable Windows 8 Lock Screen
  • Added tweak to select custom registry text editor (like Notepad2) and add a 3rd party registry application (like Registry Workshop) to context menu.
  • Removed "Hybrid "PowerMenu" choice on desktop context menu and added "SelectOS" for users who multiboot other operating systems
  • Added "Scan with Windows Defender" to the file context menu
  • Added information that Effective File Search is now freeware
  • Added more file hyperlinks
  • Changed some illustrations

CRC32 D065463CMD5 7719961CEBDCE796F9E365251A89F8BFSHA-1 81838314322F3A5A5C8921FB038CED2E2E8C564E


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Thanks for sharing.

I'm loooking for a tweak:

no confirmation of file deletion.

I've tried this one:

"ConfirmFileDelete "=dword:00000000

and this one:

"NoConfirmFileDelete "=dword:00000001

None works...

Searched the web, found nothing....

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I don't believe there is a tweak that will allow you to delete a file without confirmation. There is only a tweak that will allow you to delete a file with out first sending it to the recycle bin. Why would you want to delete a file without confirmation? What if you make a mistake?

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You have misunderstood me, i search a tweak to send to the Recycle Bin without confirmation,

you can do this manually with right-click -> Properties on the Recycle bin

I have used a similar reg tweak for XP, but id doesn't seem to exist for 7.

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