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Strange Error...Adding a gadget from the list of the sidbar


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Hello, thx 4 your work, is awesome, and excuse my terrible english :(

I Have succesfully installed the Sidebar on XP, but when i click on a gadget ,for example Recycle Bin, on the gadget gallery, for insert into sidebar, this error apperars:

Line 299, library not registered.

Open for debugging with VS2005 and i have an error on :


the function:

function applyDockedStyles()


gadgetWidth = "130px";

gadgetHeight = "64px";


var imgBin = isEmpty ? "images/EmptyDocked.png" : "images/FullDocked.png";

var _xOffset = (System.Gadget.Sidebar.dockSide == "Right") ? 64 : 0;

background.addImageObject(imgBin, _xOffset, 0);

hitbox.style.width = (gadgetWidth.replace("px", "") - _xOffset) + "px";

hitbox.style.left = _xOffset + "px";


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