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Trying to re-install XP and it keeps failing on setup


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here is the message it displays in setup when trying to install windows


and then it just restarts and says the same thing again and again

i have reset the CMOS, i dont know if that has helped or caused the problem

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well i got it pasted that error by putting the HDD on the same IDE cable as the DVD drive

and setting the jumpers accordingly

now it completes the first part of the setup, then when it restarts to go into the second part of the installation

it says boot from CD.... error loading operating system everytime now

god its so annoying!

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Did you ever get this resolved? when it says error loading operating system, make sure that your bios is set to boot from the VERY FIRST hard drive, the reason I say this is because the windows setup writes the master boot record on the first (primary master) hard drive, then that tells it to boot to whichever drive windows is on. I have had this issue many times before and it was due to an incorrect value in bios.

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