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[Installer] Windows Sidebar 1.7 XP/2003


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Sorry all for the late reply, I'm so busy these days.


I think the outlook gadget still has some bugs on it, there are some requirements for it to run properly. However you can search through Sidebar gallery for an alternative outlook gadget one. I'll also look for an update of this gadget too.


I'm sure that it is working with nLite but I'm not sure with HFSLIP yet. However, you can try it. ^^

I also suggest that Rick's one would be more suitable to use in this case.

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thank u so much for ur installer ( in my opinion its the best :) ) , i tried alot b4 it but i found it the only one same as vista sidebar , thanks again .

but i have some problems :

1. when always i try to uninstall any gadgets i always get that error and sure the sidebar closed


2. there are alot of gadgets that the user may not use so is there any ability to make a choice of

what gadgets we want to install while installing program ?

3. u said it ur instruction that the app Prerequisite:


- .NET Framework 2.0

- VAIO Tools

but i think it needs a ( msxml6.msi ) too ,bc i cant install WLAN API without it

4.i tried not to bother u and uncompressed ur app just to install only the gadgets that i want and add some more to install in by default but i cant :huh: , i don't know where all that files goes when installing i know some like where fonts will go but not more , so can u tell me if i can add some gadgets to install it by default or not and how ? :rolleyes:

and so thanks

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@Black Dove,

You are right, it needs MSXML6.0 hotfix. I will update my instruction.

Normally, the gadegets are stored in c:\program files\Windows Sidebar\shared gadgets\ in each separate folders. Your idea is very good, I should make the install section that allow to choose which extra gadgets should be installed.

Thank ou very much for your feedback.

I'll fix this soon ^^.

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I have downloaded all the files with much dificulty.After install the sidebar is very good.After a reboot i got a error massege of v..dll missing reinstall the application.After reinstall the same error was shown.Will you please help me.The side bar is excellant.Thanks again.

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hi, great post , i have installed all the things needed to essure this work, like netframework, wmp11, Ie7, vaio, etc....

Some problems i have corrected, but i cant resolve the problem with the weather gadget, its always saiyng "getting weather"... can you help me.

And i can't install new gadgets. when i click on the gadget file, simply dont due nothing.

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Nice app. Unfortunately, half the gadgets don't work! I will assume that is because .net framework is not installed on my computer. *grumbe* I hate that thing. Resets alot of options... Oh well, I have it downloading, let's see if they updated the thing or I can work around it.

BTW, the vista sidebar is claimed to be able to support any widget/gadget of the major widget makers. Considering this is a port, I would assume it has the same ability. But how does one use it?

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Still nothing. I installed the framework, and used that register program. The register program didn't work. Even uninstalling and reinstalling didn't work. Since you've been of the most help, I'll use your addon system and see what I can manage with that.

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Is it against the rules for this installer to include the WLAN API and VC2005 runtime within the installer? That would seem to be the final piece to make this installer complete; a nice touch would be the nero gadget installed as well (if it doesn't require Nero to be installed). Just a thought.

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