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[Solved + Merged] Sorting bug


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Add some multimple addons' then try to sort them by manually moving items up or down... it skips multimple places' and then addons disapear (removed as if never added).

Also, if you add multiple addons and one of them is bad, you receive warning message (this is good), but the rest of the addons are not added (process stops, instead of ski[ing the bad addon only).



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v17 If the the module finds duplicate drivers and I try and move the driver in question the actual blue highlight stays in the original location and doesn't move with the driver.

While moving drivers up in the selection field it just stopped allowing me to move any drivers at all. Once I re-opened everything it was fine. I only noted the once but if I see this again I will update.

EDIT: Yes it happened again with an additional issue... I deleted a single driver that wasn't actually seen as a duplicate due to MD5 differences but it was. I had moved them next to each other, deleted driver A and then started moving driver B up... it stop moving and un-highlighted and I couldn't actually see it. When I search I noted that the driver A which was deleted was back and driver B was no longer there. Sounds crazy but I'm sure of what I am reporting

EDIT: Well at least I'm not crazy... yes it happened again. A driver I had deleted was added back when trying to move one down and another driver has now been deleted

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