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[AIO] Microsoft Visual B/C++/F#/J# Redistributable x86/x64


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Thank you all for the help, finally managed to get it to work quietly with RunOnceEx commands and a startup cmd for 2005 & 2008 libraries :D.


For this I created a sfx file with the installer exe and a cmd file containing (both files had the same name):

@echo offcopy /Y "%~dpn0.exe" "%Systemroot%\Temp"set LIBEXE=%Systemroot%\Temp\%~n0.exeset ROE=HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx\LibrariesREM On Windows Installreg add %ROE% /ve /t REG_SZ /d "Windows Libraries" /f>NULreg add %ROE% /v 1 /t Reg_sz /d "%LIBEXE% /aiX /gm2" /f>NULreg add %ROE% /v 2 /t Reg_sz /d "%LIBEXE% /ai2 /gm2" /f>NULreg add %ROE% /v 3 /t Reg_sz /d "%LIBEXE% /ai3 /gm2" /f>NULreg add %ROE% /v 4 /t Reg_sz /d "%LIBEXE% /aiF /gm2" /f>NULreg add %ROE% /v 5 /t Reg_sz /d "%LIBEXE% /aiJ /gm2" /f>NULREM On Logon After First Restartset firststartupcmd="%programdata%\microsoft\windows\start menu\programs\startup\firstrunonce.cmd"set startupcmd="%programdata%\microsoft\windows\start menu\programs\startup\runonce.cmd"> %firststartupcmd% echo ^>^>%startupcmd% ^echo start /w "Visual C++ 2005 Libraries" "%LIBEXE%" /ai5 /gm2>>%firststartupcmd% echo ^>^>%startupcmd% ^echo start /w "Visual C++ 2008 Libraries" "%LIBEXE%" /ai8 /gm2>>%firststartupcmd% echo ^>^>%startupcmd% ^echo del /f /q "%LIBEXE%" 2^^^>nul>>%firststartupcmd% echo ^>^>%startupcmd% ^echo del /f /q %startupcmd% 2^^^>nul ^^^& exit>>%firststartupcmd% echo del /f /q %firststartupcmd% 2^>nul ^& exit

At first logon the /ai5 and /ai8 switches didn't work for me, so I created a cmd file that creates another one that installs the libraries after the first restart of Windows.


And by the way while trying the setupcomplete cmd, I found that in the last snippet instead of:

start /w "%systemroot%\temp\vbcredist_aio_x86_x64.exe /y"


it is:

start /w "Title" "%systemroot%\temp\vbcredist_aio_x86_x64.exe" /y

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Hola, otra vez yo, podrias poner mirror para este tambien porque en donde esta hosteado no lo puedodescargar, comienza bien la descarga y a los 4 o 6 mg se corta. me pasa con varios de tus aportes, que porcierto uso mucho porque estan muy buenos, te felicito por tu trabajo y voluntad de compartirlo.

tenes idea de porque me puede estar pasando eso, intento ocn jdownloader, Firefox, IE y Opera.

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Hey man no puedo descargar la que pesa 21.8 Mb se me corta la descarga cuando llega a los 5 Mb aproximadamente, me podrias pasar el link de descarga por cualquier otro servidor porfa?? Ahh y por cierto tenes el .reg donde elimina las entradas para que no aparezca en la ventana de "Programas y caracteristicas (desinstalar o cambiar un programa)" :P se agradece mucho este aporte :D
Saludos desde SPS

Hey man I can not download it weighs 21.8 Mb cut my shock when reaches 5 Mb about me Might pass the download link porfa any other server? . Ahh and certainly got the reg which removes entries from appearing in the Windows "Programs and features (Uninstall or change a program)": P this contribution is much appreciated: D
Greetings from SPS

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i updated my windows 7 install and i am testing on a vmware vm with windows 7 64 and for every redistributable i get such a error message:




does it happen because it's a vm?

Haven't tested on physical machine




I am not sure but shortly after sad2 finished all the following redistributables are installed without any error,

hmm i should wait with klicking start in the installer till sad2 has finished its work.


I am starting sad2 by setupcomplete.




It was because of running sad2 together with the redist installer, i Need to wait for sad2 to finish.



Regards X23

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