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[Solved] LANG.INI problem in boot.wim


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Hi all,

the actual release of Win Toolkit put the modified lang.ini in boot.wim\1\sources\ ,not in the correct path: boot.wim\2\sources\ .

without modified lang.ini in 2/sources , the "chosing language" menu at the start of installation not appear.

bye & tnx in advance.


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Tnx for the reply Lego, :)

i use the classic boot.wim from sp1 or sp1 media refresh disk. SHA1:B4EE5DA87F38DCF48CDD70EB822908AA26DB9484 .

If I can do something to help, tell me.

this is my mount log:

[3732] [ INFO ] Mounting new image.
Wim: [***\DVD\SOURCES\boot.wim]
Image Index: [1]
Mount Path: [*7toolkit_temp\WinToolkit\Boot]

[3732] [ INFO ] Wimserv process started for guid aefefa64-879b-4213-abe3-77d288e11d7c. Id is 3616

[3616] [ INFO ] ImageUnmarshallHandle: Reconstituting wim at ***\DVD\SOURCES\boot.wim.
[3616] [ INFO ] Mounted image at *7toolkit_temp\WinToolkit\Boot.
[5136] [ INFO ] ImageUnmarshallHandle: Reconstituting wim at ***\DVD\SOURCES\boot.wim.
[3616] [ INFO ] Received unmount request for image with guid aefefa64-879b-4213-abe3-77d288e11d7c.
[3616] [ INFO ] Unmount for image at *7toolkit_temp\WinToolkit\Boot complete.

tnx again.


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Hei Lego, now lang.ini is not present in boot.wim\1\sources\ and the correct modified vesrsion is in boot.wim\2\sources\ :

[Available UI Languages]
de-DE = 2
en-US = 3
es-ES = 2
fr-FR = 2
it-IT = 2
ru-RU = 2

[Fallback Languages]
en-US = en-us

all perfect :D :D :D

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Glad it's now working. If you're wondering what i changed i will explain below.



Win Toolkit would check the wim information to determine if there was image #2 ([1].xml) but sometimes it could not get the information or at least get it correctly, so then it would mount #1 even if #2 existed.



It no longer tries to get the information before hand and just attempts to mount #2 regardless if that information is there or not, only if that fails it will try and mount #1.

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  • 5 months later...

hi great Lego,

the problem is reproposed.

i make a new build today (WT1.4.0.77), with:


the resulted lang.ini is:

[Available UI Languages]
en-US = 3

[Fallback Languages]
en-US = en-us

same in sources and in boot.ini\2\sources\

LP is integreted correctly, i changed the lang without WU.

for serve you,


EDIT: testing on WT

EDIT2: same on

EDIT3: the has a different behavior, what is install pending? :)


LP files copied in install.wim but not in boot.wim no lang.ini modified.


Microsoft Windows Setup (x64)_64605.log

[2352] [ INFO ] Mounting new image.
Wim: [E:\7usab\DVD\SOURCES\boot.wim]
Image Index: [2]
Mount Path: [E:\7toolkit_temp\WinToolkit_TEMP\Boot]

[2352] [ INFO ] Wimserv process started for guid 3133baaf-c443-4a76-8809-0bf2f142be99. Id is 5536

[5536] [ INFO ] ImageUnmarshallHandle: Reconstituting wim at E:\7usab\DVD\SOURCES\boot.wim.
[5536] [ INFO ] Mounted image at E:\7toolkit_temp\WinToolkit_TEMP\Boot.
[5536] [ INFO ] Received unmount request for image with guid 3133baaf-c443-4a76-8809-0bf2f142be99.
[5536] [ INFO ] Unmount for image at E:\7toolkit_temp\WinToolkit_TEMP\Boot complete.

Microsoft Windows Setup (x64)_78334.log

[5704] [ INFO ] ImageUnmarshallHandle: Reconstituting wim at E:\7usab\DVD\SOURCES\boot.wim.

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