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HELP with some question about creating my own custom Win7 DVD !

Al Hazen

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I have this Windows 7 x64 S1 downloaded DVD: X17-59465.iso

I have a folder with add-ons named "addons", it contains:

DreamScene for Windows 7 x64.WA



Then I have another folder named "SFX" which contains many .exe files which are silnet installers and sfx executables.

Another folder, "themes", it contains 3 themepacks.

The last folder, named "updates", it contains a few hundreds of .cab files which are windows updates.

My question is:

Should I copy/move all these folders (addons,SFX, themes & updates) inside Windows 7 extracted DVD, the folder X17-59465.iso in order to be installed whit windows when I am gonna install it on my hdd OR WinToolkit will do the job for me ?

Thank you !

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