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Szalmasági Ádám

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I'm sure there are a couple of us who wouldn't mind doing the translations into our own languages. I'm up for it.

There's only a question: would these language files be offered as a separate download (ei "Download Italian Language File and unzip it into your Win Toolkit folder") or would these translations already be in the package and installed in let's say "Languages" folder?

However I do think that offering a complete localized Win Toolkit (as in, translate the parts of the code that need to be translated), would just make a download mess. Unless there's English version positioned the way it is and underneath there's a link that throws you onto page with localized Win Toolkit download links.

My 0,02€ :)

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Why are you blocking resources? In order not to change the source code can for example create a file WinToolkit.resources.dll or WinToolkit.resources.ini or WinToolkit.resources.lng for its localization.



LNG00002=Auto Shutdown

LNG00003=Already running an instance.



LNG00006=Stand by Computer

LNG00007=Hibernate Computer

LNG00008=Shutdown Computer

LNG00009=Log off Windows

LNG00010=Restart Computer

LNG00011=Shuts down and and turns off the power

LNG00012=%s in %d hour %d min %d sec

LNG00013=Display Information

LNG00014=Hide Information

LNG00015=Cancel Auto Shutdown

LNG00016=Enter your password to stop Auto Shutdown process

LNG00017=Invalid password.

LNG00018=Start Auto Shutdown Process

LNG00019=Use this tool to set your computer for log off, stand by, hibernate, or shutdown at a specified time.

LNG00020=Select an action

LNG00021=Select a Time Limit





LNG00026=Restart Windows

How does it work?

When you run the new version of the file must be created WinToolkit WinToolkit.resources.dll, which then can be localized without affecting the main program file

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1. Which email address did you send it to? my hotmail or btinternet one?

2. Is that feature already available in Win Toolkit but just not working? You put it in the request forum so i assumed you wanted it to be added and not fixed.

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