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i created an unattended xml file with wintoolkit and setup a user as admin and 2 autologins

yet when runonce tries to start it gets error access denied and i have found out i need to run the cmd file "run as administrator" for it to work as UAC causes the errors.

and then UAC brings up a warning on every single install i try to do with run once...?

how do i overcome this?

it says my account is an administrator account in the unattended file and in windows but i still dont have permissions to do anything?

i have a reg file to turn UAC off but thats in the runonce file i dont want UAC so if theres a way i can remove it so it doesnt cause my problem id be happy

here i was thinking it was something to do with my runonce file or setupcomplete.cmd but its UAC

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Why two autologins? Unless by that you mean two users who can log in and don't have admin privileges?

What I would do is rebuild the image by just making my admin account in .xml file. If all goes well that way, I'd make another image with my admin and another user account and see how that behaves. And so on..

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