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[Tutorial] Change Copying, Moving, Deleting

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[Tutorial] Change Copying, Moving, Deleting, and Applying attributes animation color.

:P Change Copying, Moving, Deleting, and Applying attributes animation color.

With the release of Vista, Microsoft has developed a new method of animation in explorer instead of

AVIs (Video Clip); here I am sharing a smart tutorial to change color of Copying, Moving, Deleting, and

Applying attributes process.



Resource Hacker (ResHacker): http://www.angusj.com/resourcehacker/

Text file editor (prefer Notepad)

How to:

1. Extract text file from shell32.dll/UIFILE/42.txt using a ResHacker.

(You can find shell32.dll at C:\Windows\System32)


2. Edit Text file using Notepad and use Search feature (press CTRL+F to find the line) and search for



3. Original Color Code:

background="Gradient(argb(255, 9, 74, 116), argb(255, 32, 121, 140), argb (255, 5, 111, 90), 3)



Where X --> Transparency

R --> Red

G --> Green

B --> Blue

background="Gradient(argb(255,R 1 ,G 1 ,B 1 ),argb(255,R 2 ,G 2 ,B 2 ),argb(255,R 3 ,G 3 ,B 3 ),3)"

4. Replace the code with desired one. I have replaced with this.

background="Gradient(argb(255, 15, 55,107 ), argb (255, 50, 110, 210), argb(255, 50, 160 ,200 ), 3)"

After making changes; save the text file and exit.

5. Now replace this text file in shell32.dll using ResHacker



6. Now save shell32.dll and exit.

7. Restart the PC to take effect.

DeviantArt Guide In PDF Format

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