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  4. It's an automated process. When you try to download, it creates a request. These requests are processed on a first-come first-served basis. There will be no difficulty getting this particular download once the requests for the various Windows 7 edition can no longer be fulfilled (probably by the end of the day). Office 2010 is always less requested, and therefore mostly served after Win 7 is all done. (If you don't want to wait that long, you can already grab the Office 2010 Home and Business download. As far as I know, it also accepts keys for the Professional edition.)
  5. Is this the place to request downloads to become available in the ISO downloader program (currently, the ones available are not in my language)? If so, may I please request Microsoft Office Professional 2010 - English? If not, where is the right place to do so?
  6. Therefore, I turned to you for help, so that you could help me and tell me which services can be removed and which cannot, so that OC works. I don't know OC well. I'm not afraid to experiment with OC. I can throw off the photo which checkboxes I put in the WinToolkit program and you tell me what other checkboxes to put looking at my text.
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  8. You will probably end with a broken OS, but hey, it's how you'll learn, and now you have virtual machines so it's very easy to try.
  9. Hello. My name is Max. I am 15 years old. I want to make my build of Windows 10 ultralight. I want to remove all components, functions and services completely. For this, I need to know which Windows components belong to which services and functions. I need your help. Tell me what services can be removed without harm to the Windows system. I took the official image of windows 10 ltsc. I searched in different sources on YouTube, Google, vk. But I could not find more detailed information. Programs through which I will customize the Windows 10 ltsc image: WinToolkit, NTLite, Dism ++. If t
  10. Use the Office Removal Tool to remove all traces of previous Office installations: https://aka.ms/diag_officeuninstall
  11. Hello Snowball, Hope you can help. I downloaded the VisioPro iso from the list above, tried to install it on WIndows 10 1909. and got the message stating I already have 64-bit Office installed. I have no clue what i am doing with this but im trying to get VisioPro2019 installed. Please help if you can
  12. your version has the virus W32.Trojan.Tiggre embedded in the installer
  13. The images for many of the Dell models are identical. There are only about 3 or 4 different images. I've never tried to find out about actual differences. It could be a good strategy to pick the latest image (by date), as it is likley to have the lastest updates and drivers.
  14. @Jan Krohn, I'd like to try it. Win 7 Pro x64 - Can I select any Dell model? Should there be any difference? Thanks again. I appreciate it.
  15. @Jan Krohn, Thank you for the effort and the detailed reply. Highly appreciated. I'll follow your suggestion and try downloading on the first days of March. I'm trying to install Win 7 on a 10th GEN Intel machine (using Windows 7 Image Updater). - So the Dell branding would probably not work. Best regards.
  16. @Yaron The links are generated on a first-come first-served basis. I just checked the logs to find out when the Hebrew version usually unlocks, but sad to say, it hasn't managed to unlock for more than a year now. Competition to grab Windows 7 in one of the rarely requested languages is quite high. The best chance to get your download really is to try as often as possible, starting March 1, until no more links can be generated (usually around the 3rd or 4th day of the month). Also try the other Windows 7 editions (Home, Ultimate, COEM). You can easily convert the disc to Win 7 Pro.
  17. @Jan Krohn, Thanks for replying. I appreciate it. Should the Win 7 Pro x64 Hebrew ISO be available the entire day? Or should I remember to download at 00:00? Best regards.
  18. @Yaron you'll have to wait for March 1. The Windows 7 downloads ar not going to be unlocked earlier.
  19. Hello, I've tried to download Win 7 Pro x64 Hebrew. - The file was not available. I've read some of the posts here and I'm slightly confused. Should the requested ISO be available on March 1st or possibly earlier? Thank you. I'd appreciate your help.
  20. Welcome, you are quite an endangered species of users!
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  22. so its inposible to get my hands on the "Inno Setup Bundle 6.1.2" setup can anyone share or explain me how to get it?
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