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  2. MiniTool software solutions are announcing the latest software updates for MiniTool MovieMaker 3.0 for all windows users. MiniTool Software has taken a close look at its comprehensive video editor solution and expanded it with new features and minor bug fixes. MiniTool MovieMaker 3.0 new features: Edit audio in every video clip. Undo/Redo image/video editing. One-click apply transition (duration & mode) to all clips or edit transition on a single clip. One-click apply effect/motion to all clips or edit effect/motion on a single clip. One-click apply contrast/saturation/brightness/3D LUT to all clips or edit these on a single clip further.
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  4. You could send me the service tag, and I can have a look. But if the OS Recovery Tool doesn't show anything, it's quite unlikely that I can find it either.
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  6. Changes in Notepad++ 8.1.9: Fix empty file with non-Unicode encoding cannot be saved issue. Fix language list in Style Configurator not being reloaded issue.
  7. Hi. I am looking for a recovery disk for a Dell laptop, model 15R 5537. I would like to upgrade to Windows 10 Home using the original OEM license. Dell OS Recovery Tool does not show anything in the result, after searching images using service code. Could you help me get the oem ISO, please? I know this laptop was upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8 Home before it was purchased. I found a SLIC table in BIOS firmware.
  8. Thanks for reporting. Looks like MS has removed the download. If that's permanent, I'll remove this option from the dropdown, maybe in a month or so.
  9. Hello, i have one issue with downloading the server build 19504. Same with Server Core FoD app. can Anyone give a working link? its a broken link. https://software-download.microsoft.com/db/Windows_InsiderPreview_Server_vNext_en-us_19504.iso?t=6de7eb80-7ad6-439d-8702-e9ec65ddf8f3&e=1634902816&h=2901e27545dcfd44e8e7fcaf8ec0a1dd
  10. Version 16.5.0 Mega ~ 58.8 MB ~ October 20th 2021 Changelog: Updated MPC-HC to version Updated LAV Filters to version 0.75.1-9-gde277 Updated MPC Video Renderer to version
  11. Changes in Notepad++ 8.1.8: Fix config files (XML) saving performance regression. Workaround Microsoft dark mode API bug of Windows 11. Included plugins: NppExport v0.3 Converter 4.3 Mime Tool 2.6
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  13. Changes in Notepad++ 8.1.7: Fix empty file not being saved regression. (Fix #10667) Fix white flash in dark mode on CMD launch with position parameters. (Fix #10657) Enhance dark themes for some programming languages (JSON, Python & Makefile). (Fix #10648) Fix “Run macro until the end of file” command skipping the last line issue. (Fix #10441) Fix tooltip layout and position in RTL mode. (Fix #10646) Fix docking problem for dockable panel in RTL mode. (Fix #10641)
  14. I request my account to be terminated.
  15. The links are still pointing to RuntimePack.13.10.21.Silent.Install.rar Cheers and Regards
  16. Notepad++ v8.1.6 Release is available here: https://notepad-plus-plus.org/news/v816-released/ Notepad++ v8.1.6 bug-fixes: Fix NUL file-corruption issue after system shutting down brutally. (Fix #6133) Fix session lost issue after MS update restarting Windows. (Fix #10402) Make Markdown UDL work in every dark theme. (Fix #10593) Fix file can be marked as saved even it’s been deleted outside. (Fix #10401) Fix status bar text display glitchy in dark mode. (Fix #10564) Fix white flash on Notepad++ startup in dark mode issue. (Fix #10601) Fix docked window sizing direction problem in RTL mode. (Fix #10536) Fix floating panel movement issue in RTL mode. (Fix #10579) Fix Print GUI bug in Preferences dialog. (Fix #10552) The auto-updater will be triggered in 1 week if there’s no critical bug found.
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