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  4. What's new after 7-Zip 21.01 alpha: 7-Zip now writes additional field for filename in UTF-8 encoding to zip archives. It allows to extract correct file name from zip archives on different systems. The command line version of 7-Zip for macOS was released. The speed for LZMA and LZMA2 decompression in arm64 versions for macOS and Linux was increased by 20%-60%. Some changes and improvements in ZIP, TAR and NSIS code.
  5. Hi wkeller. Thank you very much for your work. Will there be a new version?
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  7. Hello I would like to delete my account Thank you!
  8. I have dug through my archives and I have found the following builds of Windows 10: Windows10_InsiderPreview_x32_EN-GB_10130 Windows10_InsiderPreview_x64_EN-US_10130 Windows10_TechnicalPreview_x32_EN-GB_9926 Windows10_TechnicalPreview_x64_EN-US_9926 If anyone is interested <HeiDoc maintainers?> please leave a comment, I'll upload the images to Google Drive temporarily. One problem with these builds: All of them require the time to be set back to the date they were relevant. (Q1&Q2 of 2015). At boot time if the date is "not correct" then a BSOD is initiated. If the da
  9. You hurried too much to posting, it won't be available already for several days .. Even the installers are missing from the server, is available only for mac, nothing more.
  10. Actually, the Russian downloads are available most months, and I'm surprised there's none this time. Chances for next month are excellent.
  11. The other languages apprear slowly, and become available one after the other. Sorry it has to be this way. If I pass all download requests to MS instantly, then my IP address would be blocked for many months.
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    I would like to delete my accout thank you.
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  14. Historial de versiones del PotPlayer ---------------------------------------------------------- [210428] ---------------------------------------------------------- + Se agregó la capacidad de ordenar en configuraciones de teclas de acceso rápido - Se corrigió un problema de error al reproducir ciertos HEVC DXVA - Se solucionó un problema de error al reproducir ciertos archivos MP4 - Se solucionó un problema por el cual los capítulos desaparecían al cambiar la calidad de la imagen al reproducir YouTube con capítulos - Se solucionó un problema por el cual la lista de reprod
  15. не подкажите на каких месецах можно скачать виндовс 7 на русский регеон?
  16. @Jan KrohnHey Jan. I tried to download Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 but there is no language choice other than Arabic? How can i reach other language versions? Thanks.
  17. I remember adding these builds a couple of days ago. There's no new version of the downloader needed to get them. These kind of changes are made by server updates.
  18. Almost correct. There are sufficient licenses to unlock downloads for about three days per month.
  19. that's what happens when Microsoft got rid of their QA team several years ago. the quality of updates for most Win10 versions have gone down some (the March 2021 updates caused blue screen errors for some & have also caused several printing issues and had to release some out-of-band updates to clean up their mess)
  20. speaking of the upcoming 21H1 release Jan, Microsoft has recently announced that they're getting ready to release it soon there are also 21H1 preview ISOs (with build 19043.928) available from MS for Windows Insiders as noted by MS (the current Windows ISO downloader tool does not download these updated 21H1 ISOs though)
  21. you can only download the Win7 ISOs from MS on the 1st day of each month only (aka. April 1, May 1, June 1, etc) on all other days, the Win7 ISOs are not available for download due to severe restrictions by MS next chance for you is May 1
  22. Hello, I hope you are well and have good health. Sorry my English, I use google translator. I do not understand what may be happening. I am using windows-ISOdownloader version, the windows 8.1 and 10 section are not working, the program freezes and shows a gray background. windows 7 section works fine I read the tips in the FAQ's I disabled my antivirus and run as administrator, but nothing. I even tried to change the language It should be noted that it is the first time that it happens to me, I have not changed anything on my computer, so I doubt that
  23. I read your post. It is very informative and helpful to me.
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