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  2. That's done, I've just sent him a PM. @Лол Кекович check your private messages.
  3. I'm not surprised, it's despicable but typical of these companies, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, Google, are heavily and actively censoring everything that would bother the power that be (the COVID is a good example). The war against Russia is a war led by Nato by proxy.
  4. Version 3.4.4: SumatraPDF est fermé si besoin avant d'installer la nouvelle version
  5. Version 3.4.4: If needed, SumatraPDF is closed before installing the new version.
  6. I use the simplix pack to update a VM, and I like to put the wa alongside, but I will use the sfx instead.
  7. Version 3.4.1 unattended switches have changed: https://www.sumatrapdfreader.org/docs/Installer-cmd-line-arguments Setup inside the sfx archives are no longer renamed You can use the -ai switch on the sfx to let Windows Search index the content of your PDF Changelog for SumatraPDF:
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