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  1. So you joined Wincert only to write your propaganda ? Are you paid for this ? Or just brainwashed ?
  2. Version 22.06.21 AppNetworkCounter v1.50 CPU-Z 2.01 CrystalDiskInfo 8.17.2 DNSDataView v1.65 Don't Sleep 8.81 GPU-Z 2.46 HWMonitor 1.46 HWiNFO v7.26 RegScanner v2.71 ScreenToGif 2.37 TaskSchedulerView v1.71 UninstallView v1.46 WifiHistoryView v1.62
  3. That's done, I've just sent him a PM. @Лол Кекович check your private messages.
  4. I'm not surprised, it's despicable but typical of these companies, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, Google, are heavily and actively censoring everything that would bother the power that be (the COVID is a good example). The war against Russia is a war led by Nato by proxy.
  5. Version 3.4.4: SumatraPDF est fermé si besoin avant d'installer la nouvelle version
  6. Version 3.4.4: If needed, SumatraPDF is closed before installing the new version.
  7. I use the simplix pack to update a VM, and I like to put the wa alongside, but I will use the sfx instead.
  8. Version 3.4.1 unattended switches have changed: https://www.sumatrapdfreader.org/docs/Installer-cmd-line-arguments Setup inside the sfx archives are no longer renamed You can use the -ai switch on the sfx to let Windows Search index the content of your PDF Changelog for SumatraPDF:
  9. Version 3.4.1 les switchs pour l'installation silencieuse ont été modifiés: https://www.sumatrapdfreader.org/docs/Installer-cmd-line-arguments Les installateurs à l'intérieur des archives SFX ne sont plus renommés. Pour les SFX, le switch -ai permet l'indexation des documents PDF par Windows Search. Changelog pour SumatraPDF:
  10. Hi @abbodi1406 I don't know if it's a bug or a feature, but If I run the latest addon with the latest Simplix pack, it will not uninstall obsolete versions: If I run the latest installer from https://github.com/abbodi1406/vcredist/releases/ it will uninstall obsolete versions:
  11. You could have linked to the page of the script instead of rehosting it without any credits. Also, the script will not work without the binaries.
  12. Here is https://www74.zippyshare.com/v/KW1b29Mn/file.html
  13. That's a weird bug. Can you try with a Live Linux, to see if the sound is working fine ?
  14. Si vous mettez les runtimes VC++ pour Win7, les runtimes DirectX 9.0c , l'installateur .NET 4.8 pour Win7 et son language pack français dans le même dossier que le pack, tout ce beau monde sera installé/mis à jour en même temps que l'installation du pack Simplix. Ça fonctionne aussi en intégration. Un grand merci à @abbodi1406 pour avoir créé et continuer à maintenir ces addons.
  15. Dism++ se trouve désormais sur Github, et est traduit en français. https://github.com/Chuyu-Team/Dism-Multi-language/releases
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