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    Jan Krohn

    Windows 10 v. 1909 released

    With a delay of almost two months, Windows 10 1909 has been released, only for MSDN subscribers for now. Hashes are available here: https://www.heidoc.net/php/myvsdump_name.php?family=&name=Windows+10+(consumer+editions)%2C+version+1909 Downloads will be added to the downloader once released to the general public.
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    Updated VC++ 2019: 14.24.28127.4
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    Updated, 4.8.4042.4 (KB4519568)
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    Boot stucks at Checking NVRAM..

    Well, it could be nice if you'd be able to acquire another memory stick and try it on your MBO. If that won't help, it's a MBO for sure.
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    Hi Krinal, welcome to Wincert!
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    This will probably be the last chance to get Windows 7 and Office 2010 downloads, before Microsoft drops support for these products in early 2020. Starting October 1, 0:00 UTC, the download database on the server will be reset on the first day of every month. We will then generate one link per hour on a first come first served basis, whatever is requested, until all licenses are used up. The database is then again reset on the first day of the following month, and downloads can be provided again for some time. Requesting a download can result in one of the four following cases: 1. A license for link generation of the requested file is currently available, and the last link generation on the server has happened more than an hour ago ---> new link generation will be attempted, and if successful, the download can be provided. 2. The requested download has been requested and generated in the last 24 hours ---> cached download link will be provided (cached downloads are indicated with a green font in the download tool). 3. All licenses for the product have been used up ---> come back and try again next month after the database reset. 4. A license for link generation of the requested file is currently available, however, the server did another link generation for a different product in the last hour ---> come back and try again in one hour, and be faster than everyone else. I will think about error messages so that you guys can distinguish between cases 3. and 4. easily. Let's see how this will go. Hopefully everyone can still get all downloads they need before MS takes them down for good...
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    I know but people doesn't know that all those SKUs are all included in the WIM image. I can't just upload one SKU and tell them to patch the ISO to unlock other SKUs.
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    I've never worked with the August 2018 update. I don't know whether it has all the repair options. Maybe someone else can answer that. I was actually speaking about the normal Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 English download, the link of which has already been generated by someone, and is currently still available.
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    bios que tienen que ver con el esperado Modo Oscuro y el logotipo de este software. Sin duda muy buenas noticias para los que usamos este browser. Firefox 69 continúa manteniendo el antiguo logo, pero en el nuevo logo Firefox 70 se actualizará a la nueva versión del mismo. Se verá tanto en el propio navegador como en los iconos del escritorio para el acceso a este software. Además, Mozilla ha prometido mejoras en la interfaz de usuario para el Dark Mode o modo oscuro. Con esta mejora se modernizará la actual interfaz y tendrá soporte built-in para todos los sitios web. Por tanto, si estás usando Modo Oscuro en tu sistema operativo, Firefox 70 también mostrará todas las páginas integradas con este modo. También encontrarás otros cambios en el aspecto gráfico, como una nueva barra de menú en el que se han actualizado y reorganizado sus componentes. Así tendrás un acceso más rápido a tus cuentas y servicios, y más eficiencia para el compositor en equipos con MacOS, que veían el rendimiento reducido en sus máquinas a causa de éste. تثبيت صامت Silent installation Arabic AIO Silent English AIO Silent French AIO Silent .
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    Firefox 70.0 Changes Enhanced Tracking Protection improvements Firefox 70.0 is the new stable version of the Firefox web browser as of October 22, 2019.
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    "Slipestreamed" by someone at Microsoft. Still better to integrate the latest updates yourself, (the 2018 iso is full of superseded updates), we have several methods for that here on the forum.
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    New version 1.9 - Included October 2019 Cumulative Update (KB4519976) - Included NET Framework updates (KB4515847) - Disabled End of Support notification (DisableGwx, DisableOSUpgrade) due to the new hotfix (KB4524752) --> Integrate v1.9 <-- New version 1.9 with drivers (USB3, AHCI, RAID and NVMe). - Includes everything as above - Includes various USB3, AHCI, RAID, NVMe drivers (based on win-raid forum), which should cover many (most) of hardware. --> Integrate v1.9 with drivers <--
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    The images are mostly identical (with a few exceptions). If you choose an image from the same series, you should be fine.
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    ▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬** What´S NeW / UpdateS / ChangE LoG **▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬ ► Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 Runtimes 14.24.28127.4(32bit/64 bit/arm64 bit)
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    Description: The Visual C++ Redistributable Packages install runtime components that are required to run applications that are developed by using Visual Studio. These packages install run-time components of these libraries: C Runtime (CRT), Standard C++, ATL, MFC, C++ AMP, OpenMP and MSDIA. read more. OS: Windows All Versions: VC++ 2019: 14.24.28127.4 VC++ 2013: 12.0.40664.0 VC++ 2012: 11.0.61135.400 VC++ 2010: 10.0.40219.473 VC++ 2008: 9.0.30729.7523 VC++ 2005: 8.0.61187 VC++ 2003: 7.10.6119.0 Vc++ 2002: 7.0.9975.0 + Legacy Visual Basic Runtimes Files Contents: vcredist_x64_Win7 / vcredist_x86_Win7: All runtimes for Windows 7 SP1 vcredist_x64_2019_WinAll / vcredist_x86_2019_WinAll: Visual C++ 2019 vcredist_x64_2013d_WinAll / vcredist_x86_2013d_WinAll: Visual C++ 2013, 2012, 2010, 2003, 2002 Visual Basic 6.0 Runtimes vcredist_x64_SxS_Win7 / vcredist_x86_SxS_Win7: Visual C++ 2008, 2005 for Windows 7 SP1 vcredist_x64_SxS_Win810 / vcredist_x86_SxS_Win810: Visual C++ 2008, 2005 for Windows 8.1/10 Important Notes: # Integrating SxS 2008/2005 addons require launching Wintoolkit with TrustedInstaller privileges, to gain write access to WinSxS directory for that, you need to use NSudo (or other similar tools): - download and extract latest release Binary.zip - launch Win32\NSudo.exe or x64\NSudo.exe, or run NSudo.bat as administrator - make sure User is set to TrustedInstaller - check "Enable All Privileges" - paste Wintoolkit.exe path in the lower box (or Browse to the file) - click run if you are using Windows 7 Simplix Update Pack, you don't need that, it already handle the required privileges # vcredist_x64_Win7 / vcredist_x86_Win7 is AIO addon, mainly to be used with Simplix Update Pack, or else you need Wintoolkit with NSudo # VC++ 2019 runtimes are binary compatible and upgrade to VC++ 2015-2017 and cover all VS 2015-2017-2019 programs # To complete VC++ 2019 function for Windows 7/8.1, you need to integrate Universal CRT components, which is available with latest Monthly Rollup, or updates KB3118401/KB2999226 Download: vcredist_x64_Win7_20191015.WA vcredist_x86_Win7_20191015.WA vcredist_x64_2019_WinAll_14.24.28127.WA vcredist_x86_2019_WinAll_14.24.28127.WA vcredist_x64_2013d_WinAll.WA vcredist_x86_2013d_WinAll.WA vcredist_x64_SxS_Win7.WA vcredist_x86_SxS_Win7.WA vcredist_x64_SxS_Win810.WA vcredist_x86_SxS_Win810.WA you can find latest releases -> here SHA1 checksums: d13217e04e4c27bdb9b6f462eabf1a10fa852b72 *vcredist_x64_Win7_20190716.WA ef0ba3513031651effc100a1f1828e88d81b5640 *vcredist_x86_Win7_20190716.WA 57585ffad5478d6f0d7ba8238c51d6a26d91464e *vcredist_x64_2019_WinAll_14.22.27821.WA 1de5c09f237a2873b92126c170abf9272d947fdf *vcredist_x86_2019_WinAll_14.22.27821.WA 05e938f354c059d89d846d2e9a7591d05154aa70 *vcredist_x64_2013d_WinAll.WA 534f1e53080819aeb58e3b060d7c6a0a76b4d4d4 *vcredist_x86_2013d_WinAll.WA 8cc9f65fc444a878d8cabd0ad317597edb552f07 *vcredist_x64_SxS_Win7.WA 886faa949e7d51a40dc8d467f65c373f887c2ec3 *vcredist_x86_SxS_Win7.WA 94e267e5e6ff89854bd64b6260333664a266c754 *vcredist_x64_SxS_Win810.WA 206fda69fa2d3fd838dd9e3ee33f35c4cd7a2cae *vcredist_x86_SxS_Win810.WA Credits to ricktendo for original repack AIO
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    Description: The .NET Framework is a popular development platform for building apps for Windows, Windows Store, Windows Phone, Windows Server, and Windows Azure. The .NET Framework platform includes the C# and Visual Basic programming languages, the common language runtime, and an extensive class library. read more. Info: The .NET package will be slipstreamed as pre-installed OS: Windows 7 SP1 Notes: - The addon will conflict with some Windows Updates (.NET 3.5 Family), so leave the addon's integration to the last. - Add main addon first before LangPack addon, to get ASP.NET service localization properly. - To function properly, .NET 4.7.x require D3DCompiler_47.dll component, which is found in either the current "Monthly Quality Rollup" or "update KB4019990". It is recommended to integrate it first, or you can install it later. Windows6.1-KB4019990-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB4019990-x86.msu .NET 4.8: .NET 4.7.2: Languages Codes Reference:
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    Windows 7 is also outdated, it don't natively support a lot of current (and even old :USB3) hardware. Any machine that works with Windows 7 will also works with Windows 10. Windows 7 will not receive any security patch in a few months (january 2020). There is no good reason to install Windows 7 today.
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    Windows 10 is not bad but most people still choose Windows 7 just like Windows XP a few years ago. I still like Windows XP a lot although it is quite outdated now. I wouldn't download an image made for another model but I don't think there will be any (major) problems with it.
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    FREE / HOME / PRO Editions

    I've decided to go through the free / pro editions. THE PRICES AND WHAT COMES WITH EACH EDITION CAN BE NEGOTIATED IN THIS TOPIC FREE All-In-One IntegratorUpdates, Drivers, Wallpapers. Failed updates will still go to Silent Installers list ISO MakerUSB Prep ToolHOME [£$€ 5] No advertisements on links.All-In-One IntegratorWallpapers, gadgets,Tweaks, Theme packs, Silent Installers ConvertersAIO Disk CreatorAddon MakerBasic Windows 8.1 exclusive ISOsPRO [£$€ 15] Everything elseFull All-In-One Integrator (all tabs available)ESD Support (well converter anyway)Live OS supportWIM Registry EditorUnattended CreatorAll exclusive ISOsI best get back to programming Can you think of anything else which should be free or in home edition?
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    Some tools and resources for (re)creating your own slim (intl) installer .NET4 SFX Maker v5 (installer repacker): .NET4 Intl SFX Maker v1 (if you want to add LP): Silent "No GUI" SFX alternative v1.6: KB2656351 MST Windows Update fix v3.6: MsiTran.Exe -a <transform>.MST <installer>.MSI: KB2468871-v2 MSP Stub Windows Update fix v1.4: Integrate this (before you slim) to activate/enable LDR/QFE branch: Slim down your dotNET4(.5) & LP installers: If you cant find a hotfix try using the KB number w/ this URL: Slim Language Packs: Arabic: Chinese (Simplified): Chinese (Traditional): Czech: Danish: Dutch: Finnish: French: German: Greek: Hebrew: Hungarian: Italian: Japanese: Korean: Norwegian (Bokmal): Polish: Portuguese (Brazil): Portuguese (Portugal): Russian: Spanish: Swedish: Turkish: http://support2.microsoft.com/hotfix/KBHotfix.aspx?kbnum=1234567 Changelog: 2-02-2012 Add: 2652319 2-14-2012 Add: 2564823, 2600217, 2654625 Rem: 2600088, 2628838, 2629846, 2640103 Upd: SFX, MST Fix: UAC 2-16-2012 New: 2468871-v2 WUFix Upd: SFX GUI+NoGUI Del: 2468871 from MST 2-18-2012 Add: 2509900, 2644426 Rem: 2624480 Upd: MSP 2-29-2012 Add: 2645609, 2675049 Rem: 2588096, 2652531, 2654625 3-05-2012 Add: 2600211 Rem: 983182, 2544514, 2605597, 2652319, 2656351 Upd: MST 3-13-2012 Add: 2675468 4-10-2012 Add: 2656368, 2688026 Upd: SFX 4-17-2012 Add: 2660677, 2669774 Rem: 2509900, 2564823 Upd: MSP 5-03-2012 Add: 2702328 Rem: 2656368 Upd: MST 5-08-2012 Add: 2604121 Upd: MST 6-06-2012 Add: 2714396 Rem: 2607656, 2675468 Upd: SFX 6-12-2012 Add: 2656368v2, 2686827 Rem: 2702328 Upd: MST 7-10-2012 Add: 2711617 7-22-2012 Add: 2682543 Rem: 2688026 8-09-2012 Add: 2733944 Rem: 2660677 9-14-2012 Add: 2133974*, 2277657*, 2298853*, 2545756 10-10-2012 Add: 2756195 Rem: 2545756 11-13-2012 Add: 2729449, 2737019 Rem: 2328751, 2645609 12-11-2012 Add: 2783767 Rem: 2328606, 2682543 1-08-2013 Add: 2736428, 2742595 Rem: 2548766, 2578541, 2656368, 2686827 2-12-2013 Add: 2789642 2-16-2013 Add: 2803771 Rem: 2593745 4-11-2013 Add: 2828843 Rem: 2567467, 2630021 5-16-2013 Add: 2804576 6-11-2013 Add: 2836939 6-16-2013 Add: 2848797, 2851199 7-09-2013 Add: 2832407, 2840628 8-13-2013 Upd: 2836939-v2, 2840628-v2 8-15-2013 Add: 2862065 Rem: 2848797 9-18-2013 Add: 2888303 10-08-2013 Add: 2858302, 2861188 Rem: 2644426, 2804576, 2832407, 2836939 10-09-2013 Add: 2889629 1-05-2014 Add: 2894842, 2908370 Rem: 2862065, 2888303 2-11-2014 Add: 2898855-v2, 2901110-v2 Rem: 2889629 2-12-2014 Add: 2926986 Rem: 2898855-v2 4-15-2014 Add: 2937673 5-13-2014 Add: 2931365 Rem: 982638 8-08-2014 Add: 2974335 Rem: 2756195, 2851199, 2937673 9-09-2014 Add: 2894842v2, 2972215 Rem: 2901110 10-14-2014 Add: 2972106, 2979575 Rem: 2783767 10-15-2014 Add: 2996569 Rem: 2926986 11-11-2014 Add: 2978125 Rem: 2931365 11-25-2014 Add: 3013383 1-14-2015 Add: 3031985 Rem: 2974335 4-14-2015 Add: 3037578 Rem: 2894842 5-14-2015 Add: 3023221, 3032662, 3048074 Rem: 2789642, 2858302 7-13-2015 Add: 3057756, 3064706 Rem: 3048074 8-13-2015 Add: 3072309 Rem: 3064706 9-9-2015 Add: 3074547 9-23-2015 Add: 3088949 Rem: 3057756, 3072309 10-29-2015 Add: 3096089 11-22-2015 Add: 3097994, 3098778, 3106994 Rem: 2979575 * = LP only Hotfix list: Client: 971891 2328677 2443643 2468871 2504602 2533523 2534087 2571181 2580188 2600211 2600217 2604121 2638450 2640289 2669774 2714396 2729449 2733944 2736428 2737019 2742595 2803771 2828843 2840628 2861188 2908370 2972106 2972215 2978125 2996569 3013383 3023221 3031985 3032662 3037578 3074547 3088949 3096089 3097994 3098778 3106994 Extended: 971891 2468871 2487367 2533523 2537715 2563483 2600211 2600217 2639157 2675049 2711617 2736428 2742595 2803771 2828843 2894842 3013383 3037578 3098778 ClientLP: 971891 2277657* 2298853* 2518870* 2580188 2600211 ExtendedLP: 971891 2133974* 2277657*
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    Version 1.0.0


    File: dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64_Slim.exe MD5: 6d6961374ba65380f5c7baa7fbd69952 File: dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64intl_Slim.exe MD5: 958877f2290f6919cceb141611f3806a
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    Project: FULL Office 2010/2013/2016 Introducing: Welcome to my project, to get a FULL version of Microsoft Office 2010/2013. This thread show you to create a full office suite with all updates integrated. Be careful with your files, make backup and do all at own risk. I try to help, just post any issues or suggestions, have fun. Features: Full updated Microsoft Office Suite with all sub-toolsAll Service Packs are integrated, no longer upgrade neededGerman-Language-Pack is integrated you can choice which language you wanna installAdvanced setup, you can install all components one by one and exactly what you wantSuites: Microsoft Office 2010 Suite: Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus with SP2 and Post-SP2 updates integrated ENG+GER x64Microsoft Project 2010 Professional Plus with SP2 and Post-SP2 updates integrated ENG+GER x64Microsoft Visio 2010 Professional Plus with SP2 and Post-SP2 updates integrated ENG+GER x64Microsoft SharePoint Designer ENG+GER x64Optonable German Language Pack (with SP2 integrated) install for all componentsMicrosoft Office 2013 Suite: Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus with SP2 and Post-SP2 updates integrated ENG+GER x64Microsoft Project 2013 Professional Plus with SP2 and Post-SP2 updates integrated ENG+GER x64Microsoft Visio 2013 Professional Plus with SP2 and Post-SP2 updates integrated ENG+GER x64Microsoft Proofing Tools (with SP2 integrated ) ENG+GER x64Microsoft SharePoint Designer ENG+GER x64Optonable German Language Pack (with SP2 integrated) install for all components//ENG+GER = English and German language (You can choice any or both) Few words to begin: Of Course: You can also doing it with any other language as you want, the result are same full bilingual suites. Just replace the language pack and the service pack for that language pack with the one of your preferred language. Of course: You can also do it with x86 ,just give attention for x64 or x86, , In this tutorial all sources used for x64, just replace the source x64 with that one for x86. Its recommend to use different folders for x64 and x86, but you can also merging it, - just carefully Of course: You can use other tools and methods for doing this jobs, but i recommend this guide. It exist different tools and all, but is better you know what you do by step-by-step at do-it-yourself. Just give attention you create retail-suites, so you will need to enter key at begin of install. Please do not ask here for convert into VL or any other illegal stuff, its forbidden to forum-rules. Step #1 Preparing: 1. Download WinToolKit and access Alphawaves-Downloader (under update-tab) to get all office updates offline. 2. Download from web-sources all these files for create a FULL Suite with all components: X16-32213.exe (Office Professional Plus 2010) X16-32756.exe (Project Professional 2010) X16-33029.exe (Visio Professional 2010) SharePointDesigner2010ENx64.exe (SharePoint Designer 2010) X16-37644.exe (German Language Pack 2010) officesp2010-kb2687455-fullfile-x64-en-us.exe (SP2 For Office Professional Plus 2010) projectsp2010-kb2687457-fullfile-x64-en-us.exe (SP2 For Project Professional 2010) visiosp2010-kb2687468-fullfile-x64-en-us.exe (SP2 For Visio Professional 2010) spdsp2010-kb2687463-fullfile-x64-en-us.exe (SP2 For SharePoint Designer 2010) languagepacksp2010-kb2687449-fullfile-x64-de-de.exe (SP2 For German Language Pack 2010) X18-65700.iso (Office Professional Plus 2013) X18-65889.exe (Project Professional 2013) X18-65957.exe (Visio Professional 2010) sharepointdesigner_64bit2013en.exe (SharePoint Designer 2013) proofingtools_en-us-x64.exe (Proofing Tools 2013) X18-51539.exe (German Language Pack 2013) proplussp2013-kb2817430-fullfile-x64-en-us.exe (SP1 For Office Professional Plus 2013) projectsp2013-kb2817433-fullfile-x64-en-us.exe (SP1 For Project Professional 2013) visiosp2013-kb2817443-fullfile-x64-en-us.exe (SP1 For Visio Professional 2013) spdsp2010-kb2687463-fullfile-x64-en-us.exe (SP1 For SharePoint Designer 2013) proofsp2013-kb2817435-fullfile-x64-glb.exe (SP1 For Proofing Tools 2013) lpksp2013-kb2817427-fullfile-x64-de-de.exe (SP1 For German Language Pack 2013) Step #2 Upgrading 1. Extract all these files in the listed order into a office work folder with windows command: Use: Start > Run.. > "Path to *.exe" /extract:"Path to extract folder" Example: "C:\Office\X16-32213.exe" /extract:"C:\Office\2010\" (Override all older files, and use different folders for 2010 and 2013) 2. For the Updates: Use WinToolKit > Tools > MSP Extractor: - Choose on filters "English (United States)" and "German (Germany)". - Add all office updates and lets extract to another folder. (Dismark the field "Extraction to subfolders") 3, Move all extracted updates into updates folder in the office work folder. - Delete all other files as .msp in updates folder. (Override all older files, and use different folders for 2010 and 2013) Step 3# Finishing: 1. Now you can make a bootable ISO from office work folder: Use WinToolKit: Basic > ISO Maker: - Add all folder and files and choose a ISO-Output folder, create ISO. Now its done and you have a full updated complete office suite disk! Greez 2016: Greetings
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    From November 1 to November 6 you will have the opportunity to download windows 7.

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