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    Updated 4.8.4075.1 (KB4533005)
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    IrfanView 4.53 Silent Español x32

    ok, en cuanto salga el lenguaje oficial español lo actualizo con lo que pides, saludos.
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    Je viens de poster les ULs mises à jour. Je n'ai le temps que de faire un test en x64, en cours...
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    icare [10 Dec 2019] SFX Microsoft

    Bonjour, Version 2019-12 de MRT Version 2019-12 du DNF4.8 KB4533095 recommandée : KB4533005 pour DNF 4.8 avec fichiers version 4.8.4075.0 du 22 Nov 2019 Merci de vos retours.
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    WinToolkit version /

    Hi volks, the german user unantastbar on win-unattended.de continues the development of WinToolkit version and has released the first new version, after Liam changed the program-code to open. In this version there are some changes for Windows 10, but some for Windows 7 too (have look at pictures) to move some KBs (not integrable off-line) to "Silent Installers"  and KB4490628 to "Prerequisites"
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    The code for WinToolkit has been reengineered and the false positive on some antivirus do not appear anymore ! A new public version will be released in the first week of january 2020. Please don't ask before for the new version! Thanks.
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    Philip Yip

    Dell latitude 7290 image

    The Latitude 7290 has an Intel 7th Generation Processor. Intel and Microsoft (and hence Dell) only support Windows 7 on up to 6th Generation Processors so there will be no ISO for that model. https://www.dell.com/support/article/uk/en/ukbsdt1/sln300777/dell-support-for-windows-7-and-8-1-on-the-skylake-chipset?lang=en Note Windows 7 reaches End of Life next month.
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    Hi. Found the error. After adding the Language Pack, i also added the new Local Experience Pack (LXP). Problem solved!
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    About 99.9% of all prurchased and legitimate Windows 7 keys won't give you any download on that page. No, just go for whatever is available. Both COEM and retail images accept both COEM and retail keys for installation and activation. The August 2018 version would also work just fine.
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    I have created some minor, new version v2.01: - added option set SplitInstallWim=1 which causes Install.wim to be splitted if it exceeds 4 GB (so it can be put on FAT32 file system). --> Integrate v2.01 <-- --> Integrate v2.01 with drivers <--
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    Hello, ULs mises à jour. Changelog du mois : Security Monthly Quality Rollup : KB4525235 remplace KB4519976 KB4523206 remplace KB4516665
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    icare [10 Dec 2019] SFX Microsoft

    Bonjour, Version 2019-11 de MRT Version 2019-11 du DNF4.8 KB4520406 contient : KB 4507004 pour DNF 3.5 inchangé depuis Jul 2019 Kb 4519568 pour DNF 4.8 avec fichiers version 4.8.4042.0 du 12 Sep 2019 Merci de vos retours. @+
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    Version 20131008


    Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 3.0 3.5 Family Addon - user_hidden 20131008 (for Windows XP) includes: dotNet Framework 2.0 SP2 KB958481 - Application Compatibility Update KB976569 - Update for the .NET Framework 2.0 SP2 forward compatibility KB976576 - Rollup Update KB976765 - ASP.NET update KB980773 - NCL update KB2604092 - Vulnerabilities in .NET Framework Could Allow Remote Code Execution KB2729450 - Vulnerabilities in .NET Framework Could Allow Remote Code Execution KB2742596 - Vulnerabilities in .NET Framework Could Allow Elevation of Privilege KB2789643 - Vulnerabilities in .NET Framework Could Allow Elevation of Privilege KB2833940 - Vulnerabilities in .NET Framework and Silverlight Could Allow Remote Code Execution KB2836941v2 - Compatibility and Reliability Update KB2844285v2 - Vulnerabilities in .NET Framework and Silverlight Could Allow Remote Code Execution KB2863239 - Vulnerabilities in .NET Framework Could Allow Spoofing dotNet Framework 3.0 SP2 KB958483 - Application Compatibility Update KB976570 - Forward Comptibility Update KB976769 - WCF update KB977354 - This update will disable the Web Browser ActiveX control (WebOC) when running WPF XAML Browser Applications (XBAPs) in the Firefox browser in partial trust KB2756918 - Vulnerabilities in .NET Framework Could Allow Elevation of Privilege KB2832411 - Vulnerabilities in .NET Framework and Silverlight Could Allow Remote Code Execution KB2861189 - Vulnerabilities in .NET Framework Could Allow Remote Code Execution dotNet Framework 3.5 SP1 KB953595 - The Visual Basic compiler (Vbc.exe) may use 100 percent of the CPU resources when you build a .NET Framework 3.5-based application that has many assemblies and references KB958484 - Application Compatibility Update KB960043 - Dual Branch Servicing KB963707 - Framework Assistant 1.0 for Firefox KB982306 - ADO.NET Data Services Update KB2604111 - Vulnerabilities in .NET Framework Could Allow Remote Code Execution KB2736416 - Vulnerability in Open Data Protocol Could Allow Denial of Service KB2836940 - Compatibility and Reliability Update KB2840629 - Vulnerabilities in .NET Framework and Silverlight Could Allow Remote Code Execution KB2861697 - Vulnerabilities in .NET Framework Could Allow Remote Code Execution Other Updates KB951847 = Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Family Service Pack 1 KB959209 = KB958481 + KB958483 + KB958484 KB971276 - You receive incorrect print output if the IPrintPipelineProgressReport interface is used in your printing application note: WIC and MSXML6 have been removed from the installer but is of no issue as they are included in Windows XP SP3. OS: Windows XP SP3 (x86) Size: 34.3 MB =================================== You can either integrate as addon to install after setup at first boot at RunOnceEx or install on live system at any time. Pre-integrate Into Install Media - Addon for RVMi 1.6 or higher. Integrate this addon to run the installer at RunOnceEX. There will be progress boxes but NO user interaction is required. Passive mode is used since setup takes a while, this way you will know where you are in the setup process. Final installation will take place after OOBE and before Personalized settings occur. Live system installer - expand instructions Run at command-line: 1. expand net35.ex_ net35.exe 2. expand net35.in_ net35.ini 3. Run net35.exe to install on live system If you unpack the Addon to get access to the multimode installer you'll have access to the following switches: -ai = Silent -ai1 = Passive /h = displays help
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    If you want to make other reg files into nLite addons to pre-integrate use OnePiece Reg2Inf - https://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/9409-tool-dx-tool-x86x64/?tab=comments#comment-121332 Open up the INF file created with Reg2Inf and insert the INF entrys below [registry_addreg] into the template like the above file. https://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/7560-please-help-how-to-make-a-addon-that-will-apply-registry-tweaks-before-windows-starts/ https://www.nliteos.com/addons/index.html#registry_addreg
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    You can make a nLite addon for this to insert the registry entry into install media registry. 1. Make a file called Entries_POSReady.ini and put in the following contents ;======================================= ; Entries_POSReady nLite Addon Registry Keys ;======================================= [general] builddate=2019/11/10 description=Entries_POSReady language=English title=Entries_POSReady version=1.0 website= [registry_addreg] HKLM, "SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\WindowsEmbedded\ProductVersion", "FeaturePackVersion", 0x0, "SP3" HKLM, "SYSTEM\WPA\PosReady", "Installed", 0x10001, 0x1 2. Zip the file into POSReady_Regtweaks.zip 3. Add the zip file as addon into nLite
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    Patch test for 32-bit Windows 7 ISOs This is not the tutorial about how to apply the patch, this is very basic. 1. Download xdeltaUI here and extract the archive. 2. Select the patch you have just downloaded and the generic ISO as source file. 3. Select output file, press "Patch" and wait until it finishes patching. Note: This is a test and there is no promise that it will work. Please verify the hashes after patching finishes. Hashes of original ISOs are here. Please report any problems to me and I will try my best to fix it up. Do NOT tell me that the generic ISO doesn't work. Once I get all the patches created, I will start a new topic with proper instructions. Source file: Please PM me for the generic ISO (source file). Patches: Win7_HomeBasic_SP1_English_COEM_x32.xdelta Win7_HomeBasic_SP1_English_x32.xdelta Win7_HomePrem_SP1_English_COEM_x32.xdelta Win7_HomePrem_SP1_English_x32.xdelta Win7_Pro_SP1_English_COEM_x32.xdelta Win7_Pro_SP1_English_x32.xdelta Win7_Starter_SP1_English_COEM_x32.xdelta Win7_Ult_SP1_English_COEM_x32.xdelta Win7_Ult_SP1_English_x32.xdelta
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    Version 4.7.2


    Install Instructions 1. Make sure to have Windows Update service enabled during install. (can disable it after install again). 2. For Windows 7, update KB4019990 is required to be installed before: http://download.microsoft.com/download/2/F/4/2F4F48F4-D980-43AA-906A-8FFF40BCB832/Windows6.1-KB4019990-x86.msu http://download.microsoft.com/download/2/F/4/2F4F48F4-D980-43AA-906A-8FFF40BCB832/Windows6.1-KB4019990-x64.msu 3. Install this Repack .NET 4.7.2 Slim - without the installer junk - installs directly without leaving behind installer files. dotNetFx472_Slim_x86_x64(ricktendo2018-05-01).exe Alternative Mirror Download https://www.mirrored.to/files/K4VQX3HM/NET_Framework_4.7.2_Slim_x86x64_(5-1-2018).exe_links
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    Visual 2005-2019/C++ Redistributable x86/x64 [2019-10-16] Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable una plataforma de software que permite ejecutar contenido que está escrito en el lenguaje de programación C ++. El software se utiliza para ampliar características interactivas y multimedia del equipo. Microsoft Visual C ++ instala componentes en tiempo de ejecución, que son necesarios para iniciar y correcto trabajo de un gran número de aplicaciones, programas y muchos juegos populares. Características principales: La capacidad de ejecutar contenido que está escrito en el lenguaje de programación C ++ Ajuste de las bibliotecas de Visual C ++ Soporte entorno para el correcto funcionamiento de muchos programas y aplicaciones necesarios para ejecutar muchos juegos populares Que constituirá la infraestructura de muchos programas que utilizamos el VC Redist publicado por Microsoft y C ++, y le permite instalar el plug-in en una mano mucho más. Included Visual C++ Redistributables (x86/x64) 2005: 8.0.50727.6229 2008: 9.0.30729.7523 2010: 10.0.40219.473 2012: 11.0.61135.400 2013: 12.0.40664.0 2019: 14.21.27619 - Visual Studio 2010 Tools para Office Runtime (x86 / x64) 10.0.60833.0 - Los tiempos de ejecución heredados (x86) Visual C ++ 2002: 7.0.9975.0 Visual C ++ 2003: 7.10.6119.0 ► ARM64 tiene uno también Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime (x86/x64) ►10.0.60833.0 - Legacy Runtimes (x86) ►Visual C++ 2002: 7.0.9975.0 ►Visual C++ 2003: 7.10.6119.0 ►Visual Basic Runtimes - Universal CRT: ►Parte complementaria de VC++ 2017 redist. Tiempos de ejecución de Visual Basic ►CRT universal: ►parte complementaria de VC ++ 2019 redist. ►componente de la bandeja de entrada para Windows 10. ►entregado como una actualización para Windows Vista / 7/8 / 8.1, ya sea en el paquete acumulativo de calidad mensual, KB3118401 o KB2999226. ►instalado con VC ++ 2019 redist para Windows XP. ►este reempaque instalará KB3118401 si UCRT no está disponible. Los tiempos de ejecución de VC ++ 2019 son binarios compatibles con VC ++ 2015-2017 y cubren todos los programas VS 2015-2017-2019. ► Los tiempos de ejecución VC++ 2019 son binarios compatibles con VC++ 2015 y cubren ambas aplicaciones VS 2015/2019 . ▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬** What´S NeW / UpdateS / ChangE LoG **▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬ ► Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 Runtimes 14.24.28127.4(32bit/64 bit/arm64 bit) Size: 29.8 Mb Date: 2019-10-16 Todos los créditos a @ricktendo para el paquete fuente y todo el conocimiento sobre modding / reempaquetar instaladores MSI. Gracias! [AIO] Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2005-2019 x86/x64 by abbodi86 [2019-10-16 ]
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    SSUs are permanent updates, Deep clean do not remove them (the 3177467 v1& v2 was exception) KB4490628 is still needed because it's SHA1-signed, and contain the infrastructure to process SHA2-signed updates KB4474419 is also needed to recognize SHA2-only updates KB4516655 is SHA2- only update, it cannot be installed without KB4490628 and KB4474419
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    IrfanView 4.53 Silent Español x32

    Actualizado a version 4.53

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