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  1. SSUs are permanent updates, Deep clean do not remove them (the 3177467 v1& v2 was exception) KB4490628 is still needed because it's SHA1-signed, and contain the infrastructure to process SHA2-signed updates KB4474419 is also needed to recognize SHA2-only updates KB4516655 is SHA2- only update, it cannot be installed without KB4490628 and KB4474419
  2. George King Try this, it's not universal, it should work for my addons https://m.put.re/99TkTpX2.zip
  3. Simplix = NSudo not needed Wintoolkit = NSudo needed
  4. I'm not reuploading the addon just for that, it will be corrected next update
  5. Ah, forgot to change that, nothing serious
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