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  1. @Pavel Those are original names in msi packages, changing it might cause unseen errors in future
  2. Update VC++ 2017 addon to VC++ 2019 14.20.27508
  3. Updated all addons with Display Icons
  4. Jan Krohn Thank you @Pavel DESIGNER is part of Visual Basic 6 runtimes You must start Wintoolkit as TrustedInstaller. Read the Important Note again
  5. Icons are overrated but i will see about it
  6. 1) The two speces are the default state from original installer 2) i use slim msi installers for all vcredist, msi entries do not have display icon by default https://github.com/abbodi1406/vcredist using original installers (specially 2017/2013/2012) will add many bloat files and registy: https://forums.mydigitallife.net/posts/1472819/ i could add custom display icon for each msi file (similar to .NET addon), but i'm trying to keep things minimal and default as much as possible 3) actually, upon further tsting, there are more diffirent registry values in COMPONENTS keys i will update Win810 addons 4) thanks for notifying, SxS entries are hard to keep an eye on i will fix that ASAP
  7. Project Rebooted make sure to read the notes, specially about SxS 2008/2005 addons i kept 2017 addon separate so it can be easily updated
  8. It's doable, but will not be complete 2017 is updated constantly maybe i will make two, one with 2010/2012/2013, and one with 2017 only which i could easily update 2005/2008 are WinSxS assemblies, they cannot be properly added offline, so they are out of the picture for now
  9. No, it's real addon integrated as installed, doesn't need runonce installer
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