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  1. 00:00 UTC is the correct start time. The first download is already there: Win 7 Home Premium English. It takes a bit of time for more to appear. Tomorrow morning there will be a bunch of different downloads.
  2. Thanks for pointing this out. It seems to be a new feature that has been added to the downloads API by Microsoft. So now the output from the API no longer fits into the window... I'll add some scroll bars in the next version. However, you can also verify your download using the orange disc shaped button "iso tools" on the right side pane.
  3. There's a chance. MS has been filling some gaps in the available files for old builds recently. I keep adding them once they're available for public download.
  4. Hi, The image is likely identical to the image from other M15 devices, so you can just download the one for M15 R2 for example. If you want me to add M15 R3 anyway, please send me you service tag, either in this thread, or by PM.
  5. That depends on Microsoft. They recently made a bunch of older builds publicly available (which I already added). It's possible that they'll do it again.
  6. Version 8.39 (19 September 2020): Added new Insider and developer versions up to build 20215; added new builds for Office 2016/2019 for Mac; updated Bootstrap to version 4.5.2.
  7. This is nothing I've encountered during testing. The Multi-PDF-Merger uses the same settings as the Excel print function. If the columns in the spreadsheet are printed, then they should show up in the PDF file. (In case they don't, and the content of the spreadsheet isn't private or otherwise sensitive, feel free to share it here in the forum or to send it to me via PM.) If the missing columns in the spreadsheet are not printed, then we need to find out why. My best guess would be that there's a print area defined for the spreadsheet.
  8. Archive.org is exempt from DMCA, therefore this is a legit download. However, always use a virus scanner when downloading any file from archive.org.
  9. Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 was available in pt-br this month, but the link has already expired. Sorry you missed it...
  10. You can use the downloader to do that.
  11. Indeed. I'll change that for the next release. Unfortunately no. I did try to obtain product keys to generate these downloads too, but basically gave up on them when Microsoft throttled the product key usage to once per month.
  12. It should be supported. I have no idea why the x64 image is missing. For unknown reasons, the Microsoft download server only generated the x32 link. My suggestion for now would be to go for the Win 7 Home Premium COEM download, which will expire at 11:03 PM UTC, which is in about three hours already. You can convert that image to Win 7 Pro. I think this could be your last chance for any Korean Win 7 download in this month's download cycle.
  13. No need to use external software. After downloading, open the image file in the ISO downloader (yellow icon that looks like a disc). Then you can do the conversion.
  14. Hi, All times are given in UTC. The Korean image is currently available (Windows 7 Professional SP1 Update). The download will expire at 6:09 a.m. UTC tomorrow.
  15. Hi, Try the buttons "Copy link for 32 bit" / "Copy link for 64 bit" instead, and use a download manager or your browser to download the files.
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