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  1. Hi, Please see the pinned topic for details about Win 7.
  2. Done. Just be aware that there's only little quality control happening at archive.org, and the images you get from there might not be untouched.
  3. Yes, archive.org is exempt from DMCA. It's a good thing that someone uploaded the images there.
  4. And the hash dump is also outdated. I'll get it updated tonight.
  5. Hi Bob, I've never done much with DISM, so I can I can only tell you what I suspect would be the case. I don't think that the 2004 DISM will work with the 20H2 ISO. However, it will definitely work with the 2004 ISO. Now 21H1 is about to be released, and I think that could trigger another forced upgrade for old releases. If I remember right, these releases have a life span of 1.5 years, meaning, you can only use 2004 for another couple of months before the next forced upgrade is due. Therefore, it could be better to upgrade straight to 20H2, which will last 6 more months until e
  6. It took three months to crawl these downloads, and I only added them a year ago... Crawling them again would take another three months. Maybe that's another feature for removal in the next version then...
  7. I've never been able to replicate that freezing bug, but every time I got feedback from users about the root cause, it was some third party "security" software that has made some changes to the system. There are two download links because Microsoft provides both of them. Should MS remove one of them in the future, then there's still the second one as a backup. That's why I'm including both.
  8. Just give it a complete rest of 24 hours. It's not my fault that MS has blocked you.
  9. Click on the "database" link bottom right. This is a collection of lots of random downloads, including VC++, .NET etc.
  10. Blocked by Microsoft for downloading too much. This is usually lifted after 24 hours. Most builds are identical. There are only 4 or 5 different ones for all Dell models.
  11. Thanks for the information. Will be removed in the next version. It's a shame. This is a good software, and I still use it for html and php editing.
  12. Yes it would. However, I can only add what's made available by Microsoft.
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