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  1. please log into your Microsoft windows insider account then choose your download again 

  2. Delete cache for Internet Explorer. You'll have to do that through control panel, since it's no longer possible to open MSIE as an application.
  3. I can't replicate the issue. Maybe it was a temporary problem on Dell's side.
  4. hello


    can u add windows 10 Original OEM Image for asus

    vivobook 15

    asus k571gt



  5. Have you tried logging in with a Windows Insider account?
  6. Sorry about the delay. I'm still working through some personal issues that take a lot more time than anticipated. The half finished Edge based app is still on my to-do list of course. Maybe I can get back to development in a month or so.
  7. It's the default download folder from Internet Explorer.
  8. The "Windows 7" tab is currently dead. The August 2018 is the most up to date (and in fact only) download available.
  9. 32 bit https://software.download.prss.microsoft.com/dbazure/Win10_21H2_English_x32.iso?t=47c4f93e-acbe-4f25-ba22-c8fb93a7d3cf&e=1656262265&h=f254967ea5e6f3c0ab9528f64b2e92788f34f5caeaa430479278d4ac388de1a1 64 bit https://software.download.prss.microsoft.com/dbazure/Win10_21H2_English_x64.iso?t=47c4f93e-acbe-4f25-ba22-c8fb93a7d3cf&e=1656262265&h=2b70cbf9e96a192b8225e3972d23338befcfa4def113b5b5076026be9e3b9a15
  10. To be clear, I support the peaceful community, including all Russians and Ukrainians we might have here. I don't support Putin or the attack on Ukraine. Nor do I support pointless and silly boycott attempts against the Russian people. Since I continue providing services to Russia, FTS still wants my tax money - which I can't pay, since all payment gateways to Russia are closed. Let's wait and see where this is leading... Anyway, the new app is my top priority these days. I'll provide a beta version for download once it can do the most basic things. I'm currently still figuring things out. Edge development is nothing like MSIE development. Making a downloads database from other users available to Russia will be the first completely new feature that I'm going to add.
  11. Wait for the new tool based on MS Edge. These kind of issues will likely disappear then. Official announcement due in a few days.
  12. Great idea, but not easily done. If I geneate too many links, my IP address will be blocked. I'll think about a way to collect the links generated by other users all into a big database, which could then be used to distribute them to Russian users. I have some concerns that this system could be abused. I need to think about it more.
  13. Yes, the hypocrisy is really awful. We're buying gas from Gazprom for millions or even billions of Euros, but punish the Russian population with countless little things, like this blocking here, or keeping Western movies out of Russian cinemas etc. Putin most certainly doesn't care about these things. He does care about the gas money, but that's the one thing we keep giving him. Countless businesses lock Russians out from their services entirely because they think it somehow hurts Putin. How stupid can people be... Anyway, it was no hard decision to keep access to all my sites up for Russian IP addresses, as well as Ukrainian IP addresses of course. No-one gets locked out here. We're a community.
  14. VPN doesn't work. MS still knows it's you because of the cookies they've placed on your machine. I wonder whether they've blocked all of Russia... In any case, there's nothing I can do. The block comes from MS.
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