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  1. The downloads are provided by Microsoft, not by me. It seems they were temporarily unavailable. Both versions are downloading just fine for me now.
  2. Yes, the images are identical (unless you've chosen the August 2018 release, or the Dell version.) In what way does your image look different? Have you compared hashes?
  3. Version 8.34 (31 March 2020): Added new Insider and developer versions up to build 19592; fixed issue in Norwegian localization.
  4. The downloads will be reset at midnight UTC. Spanish is usually among the first ones to be unlocked. From the download you can then create your AIO.
  5. Version 8.33 (29 March 2020): Added new Insider and developer versions up to build 19587; added Office 2019 for Mac builds 16.34 and 16.35; added Office 2016 for Mac builds 16.16.19 and 16.16.20; added more Dell models and images; updated Norwegian, Swedish and Turkish localizations, many bugfixes under the hood.
  6. As long as the API works, we'll continue to release download links.
  7. It's likely too old to have ever received its OS image by download. I'm not able to find anything, not even with the service tag. So you could either do as shhnedo suggested and use a clean image, or use another one of the Vostro 35xx images. Interestingly, there seem to be two different images for these models, so there might be some try-and-error involved to find the correct one for you.
  8. Please don't link to this source, as it is not clear whether they have permission by MS to host these files. I haven't had any issues with their downloads in the past. Everyone may go there and download at their own risk. The site name has something to do with the-eye, and is based in the .EU. This should hopefully be enough to figure out where to look.
  9. Maybe a temporary issue with the MS servers. It happened before. Maybe many users have time now to wipe their computer and re-install Windows.
  10. I'm not sure whether these downloads are authorized by MS, so I'm removing the link. Better safe than sorry. However, it's one of the best sources for old versions of Windows and Office, and all files I've tested so far do pass the hast tests. To find the page without link: it has something to do with the-eye, and is based in the .EU
  11. @Arnoldas The download days start on the first of each month, and usually last six or seven days. Unfortunately you've just missed them.
  12. Generally, the newer images are the updated ones. Looking at this specific list of files, however, I've noticed that one of them is an ASIA version, and three are ROW versions (Rest Of World). So depending on where you live, you could pick the Asia version, or the newest ROW version. All images are usually multi language versions. I suspect the choice of language could be different on the Asia image, however, I've not tested that.
  13. Version 8.32 (26 February 2020): Added new Insider and developer versions up to build 19569; added more Dell models and images; added Windows 10 Home S (Dell).
  14. Thank you for your help. G3 3590 (and many more models) have been added to the new version. Download is already available.
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