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  1. Just a couple of weeks after Chrome 109's beta release on December 1, 2022, Chrome 109 has arrived with some new and interesting features. This includes secure payment confirmation, Material You tweaks, and changes to Chrome's desktop interface, among others. Here, we take a detailed look at all the new features you need to know about. 1. Secure Payment Confirmation on Android A new web payment standard beckons if banks, card providers, and financial institutions adopt the new proposed Secure Payment Confirmation (SPC) feature. Secure Payment Confirmation allows you to authenticate web payments on your Android device via Chrome using just your fingerprint or other biometric unlock methods. Once approved, it will allow you to bypass the usual and often repetitive payment confirmation steps required when making an online purchase. By allowing biometric confirmation, SPC promises to make web payments even more secure. Already available on macOS and Windows, SPC is only now coming to Android, and perhaps, soon to iOS. 2. Screen Capture API for Video Conferencing While screen sharing is an integral part of video calls or conferences, you want to be careful of what and how much you're sharing. With Chrome 109's improved Screen Capture API, you can now do just that. According to Google, the Screen Capture API will “let the user select a screen or portion of a screen (such as a specific window) to capture as a media stream.” This allows you to show only what you want to show without giving away too much. There's also a new Conditional Focus feature that allows developers to decide how and when tabs or windows captured and shared with an audience are focused and displayed. Additionally, you can now better control or suppress local audio playback or background noise while on a video call. This means that you can be in a room full of people having conversations with none filtering into your own conversation. 3. First Party Sets Cookie Policy As far back as 2021, Google already announced plans to get rid of third-party cookies and introduce Privacy Sandbox in 2022; a plan which was slightly delayed. This class of cookies can be used to track user behavior and web activity. However, the end of third-party cookies also poses serious challenges for businesses and services that rely on ads or user tracking across multiple websites. With Chrome109's updated First-Party Sets, Google seeks to eliminate third-party cookies by allowing only related sites (First-Party Sets) to request, access, and share the same user data. For instance, with the new proposed First-Party Sets cookies policy, Google-owned websites will be able to request, access, and share user data only among themselves. Such requests will have to be submitted by developers and approved via a publicly hosted GitHub repository. 4. Material You Improvements On May 18, 2021, at its annual I/O event, Google unveiled Material You; a set of design system updates that allow you to beautify and personalize your themes on Android 12 devices. Since then, Google has introduced more Material You and Material Design 3 updates. However, they are not available by default. They have to be enabled via a Chrome flag; chrome://flags/#omnibox-modernize-visual-update. You can also now experience and experiment with the latest Material You updates on your macOS or Windows device by enabling the chrome://flags/#customize-chrome-color-extraction flag. 5. Desktop Interface Tweaks Not to be left out, the Google Chrome desktop interface has also added some simple but important improvements. Firstly, some users can now see a Google Lens shortcut on the Google homepage (not the Incognito tab or Guest user account) allowing them to drag-and-drop-search images or type an image URL. Also, when you grant or reject app permissions on your desktop in Chrome 109, Google will now show you a four-second notification dialog made up of icons and text on the address bar. You can undo this with a click on the notification dialog. Additionally, you'll now get a more detailed and specific warning when you try to download content that Chrome believes is malicious. What's more, going forward, Chrome will also automatically unpack 7Z archive files locally and scan them for malware. 6. Tab Group Syncing How would you like to have your open tab groups in Chrome synced across your linked devices? Sounds cool right? Well, you can now do that in Chrome 109 using the following flag chrome://flags/#tab-groups-save and clicking on Enabled with sync integration. This way, you don't have to remember tabs anymore any time you switch devices or share tabs between devices going forward. For developers, new features and improvements include Origin Private File System (OPFS) on Android, a new length unit and tweaks to typeface in CSS, MathML Core support, and Conditional Focus, among others. Get More Out of Chrome With the Latest Features Whether you're just an end user or a developer, Chrome 109 has quite a handful to offer. Take it out for a spin and see what you'll like. Note that features are being rolled out over time. To check if you've received the latest update, simply go to About Chrome in Chrome settings. It will automatically update to the latest version. Silent installation الكاتب
  2. Changes in Edge 109.0.1518.61 (2023-01-20): Fixed various bugs and performance issues. Stable channel security updates
  3. Changes in Brave 1.47.171 (Chromium 109.0.5414.87): Added a fiat balance for each token and account total in the Brave Wallet “Select Token” modal. Added a new Brave Wallet “Send” tab. Added an account selector in the Brave Wallet “Send” tab. Added NFT tooltip in Brave Wallet “Send” tab. Added support for Uint8Array private key import of Solana account for Brave Wallet. Added a toggle to hide the price graph on Brave Wallet’s “Portfolio” page. Added a network filter to the Brave Wallet “Edit Visible Assets” modal. Added Brave icon for Brave Wallet pages. Added placeholder text for “Recent Transactions” modal in Brave Wallet. Added “Copy clean link” feature to renderer view context menu. Added Brave Creators promotion card under brave://rewards Added “Connecting to selected custodian temporarily unavailable” error modal in Brave Rewards. Added promotion of Snowflake extension for Tor. Added support for “$removeparam” adblock filter syntax under brave://settings/shields/filters. Added “IPFS public gateway address for NFT” setting under brave://settings/ipfs. Added the ability to set Brave Shields via Admin policy. Added Windows group policy templates. [Security] Fixed Brave Wallet showing wrong network when signing DApp messages or transactions. [Security] Added mixed content check for “.onion” URLs as reported on HackerOne by xiaoyinl. [Security] Improved browser privacy by reducing high resolution timer precision as reported on HackerOne by joe12387. [Security] Fixed Brave Today opening non-HTTP or non-HTTPS URLs as reported on HackerOne by nishimunea. Integrated SNS address resolution when navigated to .sol domains. Implemented SNS address resolution to send tokens via .sol domain in Brave wallet. Improved asset discovery for Brave Wallet on page refresh. Improved performance of cosmetic filtering in third-party iframes. Increased area on windows where they can be picked up for drag and drop. Updated Brave Wallet backup UI under brave://wallet/crypto/backup-wallet. Updated Brave Wallet backup words to display number and text. Updated Brave Wallet backup text under brave://wallet/crypto/backup-wallet. Updated new user onboarding design and flow. Updated Web Discovery Project promotion to display an infobar. Updated Brave Rewards for users in specific countries to disallow enabling and show clearer unavailable messaging. Updated connection messages on Tor windows. Updated internal URLs on the New Tab Page to display brave:// URL scheme when hovered over. Updated text under crypto widget previews on “Customize Dashboard” modal. Reduced the size of Windows group policy templates. Removed rejected transactions from displaying under account transactions in Brave Wallet. Removed “Restore” tab from “Manage Brave Rewards” modal. Removed known tracking parameter “vgo_ee” from URLs. Removed Chromium “Ads” permission from site settings UI under brave://settings/content/siteDetails. Fixed “The receiving address is your own address” error message not showing on the “Send token” tab for Brave Wallet. Fixed broken images for ERC721 tokens from token registry in Brave Wallet. Fixed inability to add ERC721 from token registry in Brave Wallet. Fixed the show or hide chart state to persist between page loads in Brave Wallet’s “Portfolio” page. Fixed issue where NFTs did not display icons on Brave Wallet Portfolio list and “NFT” tab in certain cases. Fixed ERC20 token balance overflow display issue on Brave Wallet token details screen. Fixed Brave News crash which occurred when certain characters were at the end of the title or description field. Fixed Brave News icon displaying in the URL bar prior to opting into Brave News. Fixed “Set IPFS gateway” popup not closing after clicking “Submit”. Fixed automatic redirects to IPFS via gateway not working in certain cases. Upgraded Chromium to 109.0.5414.87. (Changelog for 109.0.5414.87)
  4. .NET Desktop Runtime (6.0.13 Build 3201) [Updated!] .NET Desktop Runtime (7.0.2 Build 32007) [Updated!] DirectX End-User Runtimes (9.29.1974) Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE) (8.0 Update 361) [Updated!] Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime 109.0.1518.52 [Updated!]
  5. Changes in Zoom 5.13.5 (12053) (2023-01-16): Changes to existing features New meeting chat experience default setting The default for the New meeting chat experience setting is changed to on for most accounts. Breakout Rooms 100 enabled for all accounts The maximum capacity of Breakout Rooms has been increased for all accounts, supporting up to 100 breakout rooms, with a maximum capacity of 1000 in a single breakout room or up to 1000 total among all breakout rooms (depending on account limits). This also affects the pre-assignment limits, raising them also to 100 rooms and 1000 participants. Previously, this increased Breakout Rooms capacity required Zoom enablement.
  6. Changes in Opera 94.0 Build 4606.76: DNA-104276 News categories layers messed up in other languages
  7. Changes in Mozilla Firefox 109.0 – Final: Changes in Mozilla Firefox 109.0 Beta: Changes in Mozilla Firefox 109.0 Alpha:
  8. Changes in Edge 109.0.1518.55 (2023-01-16): Fixed various bugs and performance issues.
  9. Version 17.4.0 Mega ~ 59.1 MB ~ January 11th 2023 Changelog: Updated MPC-HC to version Updated LAV Filters to version 0.77.1-2-g8637e Updated MediaInfo Lite to version 22.12 Updated Icaros to version 3.3.0
  10. Changes in version 4.5.3 (2023-01-07): Attempt to fix incoming video in calls from mobile apps.
  11. Version 108.0.1462.76: January 5, 2023 Fixed various bugs and performance issues for Stable and Extended Stable release.
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