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  1. https://support.skype.com/en/faq/FA34778/what-s-new-in-skype-for-windows-mac-linux-and-web?q=Skype+changelog
  2. Changes in KMPlayer Improvement of URL download function Improved URL playback function Changes in KMPlayer 2023.11.24.16 (x64): Increase your net worth, KMPlex! You can get Free Coins! URL download engine update AV1 Codec Support and engine update Other bug fixes and stabilization
  3. Changes in Opera 105.0.4970.21: DNA-112425 Choosing Workspace Icons doesn’t work as expected DNA-112787 glow around tiles in Top Sites section in BABE in dark theme Changes in Opera 105.0.4970.16: CHR-9416 Updating Chromium on desktop-stable-* branches DNA-111903 [Lin] [Component-based-scrollbar] Old design is displayed on Ubuntu 20.04 DNA-112914 Visual glitch with HWA enabled in some random places DNA-113137 [WinLin][Sidebar autohide] Sidebar panel is not connected with sidebar Changes in Opera 105.0.4970.13 Stable: CHR-9416 Updating Chromium on desktop-stable-* branches DNA-111885 [Address bar] Hover effect on padlock icon is not rounded DNA-112411 Active Tab in Tab Island in Dark Mode should have different colour DNA-112431 Dragging tab quickly past last island on the right, causes tab to be dropped at the end of tab strip instead of at location of the cursor DNA-112692 [Windows] Not possible to scroll by moving cursor to right edge of maximized browser window and dragging scrollbar DNA-112878 [Tab strip] Detached tab not restored after restarting browser DNA-112900 Crash at opera::component_based::ComponentTabDragController::StopViewDragging DNA-112996 Translations for O105 DNA-113016 [macOS arm] There is a glitch when new tab is open DNA-113213 Promote 105 to stable
  4. Mozilla published today the final build of the Firefox 120 web browser, slated for release on November 21st, 2023, so it’s time to take a closer look at the new features and improvements. Firefox 120 introduces the ability for Ubuntu users using Firefox Snap to import browser data from the Chromium web browser when it’s installed as a Snap package, as well as a new “Website Privacy Preferences” feature in Privacy & Security settings that tells websites not to sell or share your data or to send a “Do Not Track” request. Two other new privacy and security features have been added in Firefox 120, namely the ability to import TLS trust anchors (e.g., certificates) from the operating system root store in Privacy & Security > Certificates, and a new “Copy Link Without Site Tracking” context menu option if you want to copy a link without any tracking information. The Picture-in-Picture feature has been improved in Firefox 120 with a new corner-snapping feature that can be activated when holding the Linux Shift key while moving the PiP window. Also, this release lets users use an added “devtools” feature to simulate browser tabs to be offline. The long-promised Cookie Banner Blocker feature has been apparently finally added in Firefox 120 but only for users in Germany. This feature will automatically refuse cookies and dismiss annoying cookie banners on supported websites. The same goes for the URL Tracking Protection feature, which removes non-essential URL query parameters used for user tracking. Last but not least, Firefox 120 continues to protect users’ online privacy by improving private windows and the ETP-Strict privacy configuration to enhance the Canvas APIs with Fingerprinting Protection. For web developers, this new Firefox release enables WebAssembly GC by default to allow languages like Dart or Kotlin to run on Firefox, enables Early Hints Preconnect, adds a new User Activation API to allow JavaScript to check if the user currently is or has been active on a web page, and adds support for lh and rlh units to be parsed and computed correctly as lengths. Download Silent installation Arabic AIO Silent English AIO Silent French AIO Silent Mozilla Firefox 115.0.3 (Last version support Windows 7) Arabic AIO Silent English AIO Silent
  5. Changes in Brave 1.60.118 (Chromium 119.0.6045.163): Fixed crash on startup when using Linux Arm64. Upgraded Chromium to 119.0.6045.163. (Changelog for 119.0.6045.163)
  6. .NET 6.0.25 -November 14, 2023 https://github.com/dotnet/core/blob/main/release-notes/6.0/6.0.25/6.0.25.md?WT.mc_id=dotnet-35129-website NET 7.0.14 - November 14, 2023 https://github.com/dotnet/core/blob/main/release-notes/7.0/7.0.14/7.0.14.md?WT.mc_id=dotnet-35129-website 8.0.0 November 14, 2023 https://github.com/dotnet/core/blob/main/release-notes/8.0/8.0.0/8.0.0.md?WT.mc_id=dotnet-35129-website
  7. the new version of Opera stable – 104.0.4944.54 brings several key changes and bug fixes to enhance user experience and performance. Here are the key details of the update: Stability Enhancements: The latest version of Opera has addressed three significant crashes that were affecting users. These updates aim to improve stability and enhance the overall user experience in the Opera browser. Sidebar Issues: An issue where enabling the “Automatically hide sidebar” option and entering full-screen mode would cause Opera to freeze has been addressed. Users can now enjoy a seamless browsing experience without encountering this problem. Video Playback: Stuttering video playback on certain systems with OOP SW H.264 decoding has been fixed. This improvement ensures smoother video playback. Here’s the full changelog for 104 release. Happy browsing!
  8. : [Updated!].NET Desktop Runtime (7.0.13) Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2015-2022 x86 – x64 Additional Runtime (14.38.33130.0) [Updated!] Resource Hacker 5.2.4 [Updated!]
  9. Changes in K-Lite 17.9.4 | 2023-11-09: Updated MPC-HC to version Updated MPC Video Renderer to version
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