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  1. Version 16.5.0 Mega ~ 58.8 MB ~ October 20th 2021 Changelog: Updated MPC-HC to version Updated LAV Filters to version 0.75.1-9-gde277 Updated MPC Video Renderer to version
  2. Changes in Brave Browser 1.30.86: Added the ability for Brave to handle searches from Windows Shell and Cortana. Added “Index other search engines” setting under brave://settings/search. Added the ability to disable Tor via Admin policy on macOS and Linux. Added the ability to right click in brave://rewards-internals logs. [Security] Added IPFS gateway URL validation. Improved “Disconnected” Brave Rewards wallet options. Updated default (standard) adblocking to generally allow first-party requests. Removed known user tracking parameters from URLs. Fixed overlapping text in download infobar. Fixed Brave specific URLs not being listed under brave://about. Fixed inability to remove IPNS keys under brave://settings/ipfs/keys. Fixed issue with IPFS shutdown and restart in certain cases. Upgraded Chromium to 94.0.4606.61. Changes in Brave Browser 1.29.80: Updated the bookmarks folder icon on the bookmarks bar. Fixed Chromecast crashing in certain cases and re-added “Media Router” setting (disabled by default) under “brave://settings/extensions”. Fixed crash when opening brave://settings/content/autoplay. Fixed Brave Talk not being recognized when rewards is enabled due to Greaselion precondition not being met with multiple profiles.
  3. KMPlayer (Korean Media Player) is a versatile multimedia player which can cover a various different types of contained formats. Without any separate Codec, you are able to play any media files because KMPlayer has its’ own internal Codec. Supported codecs are separated by internal and external. For the sound Codec, KMP supports RTS, MPEG1, MPEG2, AAC, WMA7, WMA8, OGG, etc. In addition it supports matrix normalizer function when internal sound Codec is being used. Internal Codec gets processed inside of KMPlayer so it’s faster and safer. Also supports all the Codec from ffdshow and MPEG1/2 additionally. KMPlayer supports high resolution movie playback. That allows you to watch movies in superb quality with support for 3D, 4K, 8K, UHD and 60FPS. Moreover, KMP allows to capture audio and video or screen capture is possible. You can save it in the format you want. The codecs come bundles with the software, hence you can watch movies quickly and efficiently. KMPlayer also provides full control over DVD selection, Movie menus, audio menus, subtitle menus, brightness, contrast and more, to suit user needs. KMPlayer Features: Already equipped with integrated Codec + replay environment Supports replay of damaged (While sending online) AVI File Supports a variety different kinds of media equipments Supports multiple audio streams Supports many different kinds of output devices A variety of subtitle function Image processing function Supports low and high specifications Supports skin function A variety of speech processing function Supports Winamp (Visualization) plug-in ASF/ASX, RTSP etc. real time broadcast viewing function(e-sky broadcasting) Frequency analysis and wavy pattern output function when playing music Supports live equipments like TV, Camera Supports DVD Strong, stopped image capture function Video capture function Wallpaper viewing function Easy to use OSC (On Screen Control) Image resizing function A variety of input, output color face function Executable using only one file KMPlayer includes almost all the essential decoders required for media playback. Furthermore, to get beyond the limitation of internal decoders, the external ones such as commercial H.264 decoders or CyberLink audio decoders can be specified. In conclusion, KMP works optimally by the users’ own customization. It can set multifarious audio and video effects, slow down or increase playback speed with regular tone. Also it can select parts of a video as favorites, do an exceptionally powerful A-B repeat. Furthermore, it can remap the keys of remote interface for HTPC, including overlay screen controls, change a skin dynamically depending on a media type playing, and many more. KMPlayer Silent Install KMPlayer 2021.9.28.05x64 Silent Install
  4. 7-Zip 21.03 beta (2021-07-20): update + 64-bit Windows arm64
  5. Stable Channel Update for Desktop Tuesday, September 21, 2021 The Chrome team is delighted to announce the promotion of Chrome 94 to the stable channel for Windows, Mac and Linux.Chrome 94 is also promoted to our new extended stable channel for Windows and Mac. This will roll out over the coming days/weeks. Chrome 94.0.4606.54 contains a number of fixes and improvements -- a list of changes is available in the log. Watch out for upcoming Chrome and Chromium blog posts about new features and big efforts delivered in 94. Security Fixes and Rewards Note: Access to bug details and links may be kept restricted until a majority of users are updated with a fix. We will also retain restrictions if the bug exists in a third party library that other projects similarly depend on, but haven’t yet fixed. This update includes 19 security fixes. Below, we highlight fixes that were contributed by external researchers. Please see the Chrome Security Page for more information. [$15000][1243117] High CVE-2021-37956: Use after free in Offline use. Reported by Huyna at Viettel Cyber Security on 2021-08-24 [$7500][1242269] High CVE-2021-37957 : Use after free in WebGPU. Reported by Looben Yang on 2021-08-23 [$3000][1223290] High CVE-2021-37958 : Inappropriate implementation in Navigation. Reported by James Lee (@Windowsrcer) on 2021-06-24 [$1000][1229625] High CVE-2021-37959 : Use after free in Task Manager. Reported by raven (@raid_akame) on 2021-07-15 [$TBD][1247196] High CVE-2021-37960 : Inappropriate implementation in Blink graphics. Reported by Atte Kettunen of OUSPG on 2021-09-07 [$10000][1228557] Medium CVE-2021-37961 : Use after free in Tab Strip. Reported by Khalil Zhani on 2021-07-13 [$10000][1231933] Medium CVE-2021-37962 : Use after free in Performance Manager. Reported by Sri on 2021-07-22 [$3000][1199865] Medium CVE-2021-37963 : Side-channel information leakage in DevTools. Reported by Daniel Genkin and Ayush Agarwal, University of Michigan, Eyal Ronen and Shaked Yehezkel, Tel Aviv University, Sioli O’Connell, University of Adelaide, and Jason Kim, Georgia Institute of Technology on 2021-04-16 [$3000][1203612] Medium CVE-2021-37964 : Inappropriate implementation in ChromeOS Networking. Reported by Hugo Hue and Sze Yiu Chau of the Chinese University of Hong Kong on 2021-04-28 [$3000][1239709] Medium CVE-2021-37965 : Inappropriate implementation in Background Fetch API. Reported by Maurice Dauer on 2021-08-13 [$TBD][1238944] Medium CVE-2021-37966 : Inappropriate implementation in Compositing. Reported by Mohit Raj (shadow2639) on 2021-08-11 [$TBD][1243622] Medium CVE-2021-37967 : Inappropriate implementation in Background Fetch API. Reported by SorryMybad (@S0rryMybad) of Kunlun Lab on 2021-08-26 [$TBD][1245053] Medium CVE-2021-37968 : Inappropriate implementation in Background Fetch API. Reported by Maurice Dauer on 2021-08-30 [$TBD][1245879] Medium CVE-2021-37969 : Inappropriate implementation in Google Updater. Reported by Abdelhamid Naceri (halov) on 2021-09-02 [$TBD][1248030] Medium CVE-2021-37970 : Use after free in File System API. Reported by SorryMybad (@S0rryMybad) of Kunlun Lab on 2021-09-09 [$1000][1219354] Low CVE-2021-37971 : Incorrect security UI in Web Browser UI. Reported by Rayyan Bijoora on 2021-06-13 [$TBD][1234259] Low CVE-2021-37972 : Out of bounds read in libjpeg-turbo. Reported by Xu Hanyu and Lu Yutao from Panguite-Forensics-Lab of Qianxin on 2021-07-29 We would also like to thank all security researchers that worked with us during the development cycle to prevent security bugs from ever reaching the stable channel. As usual, our ongoing internal security work was responsible for a wide range of fixes: [1251653] Various fixes from internal audits, fuzzing and other initiatives Many of our security bugs are detected using AddressSanitizer, MemorySanitizer, UndefinedBehaviorSanitizer, Control Flow Integrity, libFuzzer, or AFL. Interested in switching release channels? Find out how here. If you find a new issue, please let us know by filing a bug. The community help forum is also a great place to reach out for help or learn about common issues.
  6. What's new in iTunes v12.12.0.6 (September 20, 2021): This update includes security improvements and adds support for new devices. (iPhone 13 series) Mobile Device Support updated from to Security fixes: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT212817 Known issues: https://www.neowin.net/news/itunes-121206-fails-to-launch-due-to-missing-files-after-microsoft-store-update/
  7. Version 16.4.6 Mega ~ 58.8 MB ~ September 17th 2021 Changelog: Updated MPC-HC to version Updated LAV Filters to version 0.75.1-4-gfaff6 Updated MPC Video Renderer to version Updated MediaInfo Lite to version 21.09
  8. Java SE Development Kit 17.0 x64 Silent Install Java SE Development Kit 16.0.2 x64 Silent Install Java SE Development Kit 15.0.2 x64 Silent Install Java SE Development Kit 14.0.2 x64 Silent Install Java SE Development Kit 9.0.4 x64 Silent Install Java SE Runtime Environment 9.0.4 x64 Silent Install
  9. Changelog 16.4.0 to 16.4.5 ~ 2021-09-14 Updated MPC-HC to version Updated LAV Filters to version 0.75.1-3-gc0c87 Updated MPC Video Renderer to version
  10. Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2015-2022 x86 – x64 Minimum Runtime (14.30.30528.0) [Updated] [Updated] Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2015-2022 x86 – x64 Additional Runtime (14.30.30528.0)
  11. Version 16.4.0 Mega ~ 58.2 MB ~ September 3rd 2021 Changelog: Updated MPC-HC to version Updated MPC Video Renderer to version The option to add MediaInfo shortcut in explorer context menu is now disabled by default. You can of course still enable it in the installer. MediaInfo can also still be accessed through the "Send To" submenu in Explorer. The option for MPC-HC to remember playback position for videos is now enabled by default.
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