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  1. Changes in Daum PotPlayer 230830 (1.7.21992): When translating subtitles, modify to maintain subtitle properties if possible Fixed an issue where the ratio was not properly handled when playing a video in which some ratios were changed When using the built-in D3D11 renderer, the screen is cut off when the resolution goes beyond another monitor. Fixed an issue that crashed in certain situations Improved stability of built-in video renderer
  2. AIMP v5.11.2435 (20.08.2023) Fixed: plugins - MyClouds - unable to play files from DropBox cloud storage
  3. Changes in version 5.1.2: Improvements The signing action now supports Elliptic-curve cryptography. Updated to Ghostscript 10.01.2 due to a critical security flaw in lower versions. For more details look up CVE-Nummer CVE-2023-36664. Bugs fixed Using user tokens and having an empty page in the document could lead to an IndexOutOfRangeException. An already installed PDF Architect 9 is now properly detected by the setup. Saving files only temporarily stopped working for automatic saving. Other Changes The use of escape characters in user tokens has been concretely defined. Please refer to the User Tokens section of the user guide for more information. Improved logging in case of errors with the directory. The handling of too long file paths has been improved. Instead of marking the shortened paths with a “..”, the file name is simply truncated at the end to comply with the maximum path length. If a path needs to be shortened, a warning is logged.
  4. can be updated Updated 7za to v2301
  5. muchas gracias por manterner las actualizaciones
  6. What’s New in AIMP 5.11 Build 2434 (2023-07-31): General: localizations has been updated Player: support for album arts for internet radio station that specified in streamUrl tag Plugins: BASS_HSL – updated to v2.4.4 Fixed: playlist – the “move to” operation does not update references in unloaded playlists Fixed: tag editor – invoke the %in macro lead to app crash
  7. ---------------------------------------------------------- [230705] ---------------------------------------------------------- + Added the ability to translate subtitles in addition to selected languages + Added support for g726 codec in MP4 + Added support for ARIB subtitles - Fixed trackpad scrolling of playlists to be handled smoothly Improved MP4 playback function while downloading - Improved raw av1 file playback function ---------------------------------------------------------- [230523] ---------------------------------------------------------- - Fixed an out-of-sync problem when playing with mjpeg codec - Fixed a problem where an error occurred when playing with a specific MPEG 2 codec - Fixed an issue where the title screen did not appear when playing certain DVDs Fixed the problem that the screen was broken when using certain H264 DXVA
  8. 23.01 2023-06-20 ------------------------- - The page "Language" in 7-Zip's menu Tools/Options now shows information about selected translation, including the number of translated lines. - Some bugs were fixed. 23.00 2023-05-07 ------------------------- - 7-Zip now can use new ARM64 filter for compression to 7z and xz archives. ARM64 filter can increase compression ratio for data containing executable files compiled for ARM64 (AArch64) architecture. Also 7-Zip now parses executable files (that have exe and dll filename extensions) before compressing, and it selects appropriate filter for each parsed file: - BCJ or BCJ2 filter for x86 executable files, - ARM64 filter for ARM64 executable files. Previous versions by default used x86 filter BCJ or BCJ2 for all exe/dll files. - Default section size for BCJ2 filter was changed from 64 MiB to 240 MiB. It can increase compression ratio for executable files larger than 64 MiB. - UDF: support was improved. - cpio: support for hard links. - Some changes and optimizations in WIM creation code. - When new 7-Zip creates multivolume archive, 7-Zip keeps in open state only volumes that still can be changed. Previous versions kept all volumes in open state until the end of the archive creation. - 7-Zip for Linux and macOS now can reduce the number of simultaneously open files, when 7-Zip opens, extracts or creates multivolume archive. It allows to avoid the failures for cases with big number of volumes, bacause there is a limitation for number of open files allowed for a single program in Linux and macOS. - There are optimizations in code for 7-Zip's context menu in Explorer: the speed of preparing of the menu showing was improved for cases when big number of files were selected by external program for context menu that contains 7-Zip menu commands. - There are changes in code for the drag-and-drop operations to and from 7-Zip File Manager. And the drag-and-drop operation with right button of mouse now is supported for some cases. - The bugs were fixed: - ZIP archives: if multithreaded zip compression was performed with more than one file to stdout stream (-so switch), 7-zip didn't write "data descriptor" for some files. - ext4 archives: 7-Zip couldn't correctly extract symbolic link to directory from ext4 archives. - HFS and APFS archives: 7-Zip incorrectly decoded uncompressed blocks (64 KiB) in compressed forks. - Some another bugs were fixed.
  9. AIMP v5.11.2432 (09.06.2023) General: localizations has been updated General: 3rd party libraries has been updated Sound engine: improved preset search algorithm by genre Fixed: sound engine - ASIO - an error occurs on attempt to initialize the device using more than 8 channels Fixed: sound engine - MP4 - the BASS decoders tries to play mp3-stream from mp4 file as regular mp3 file that lead to incorrect result Fixed: tags - ID3v2 - the "album artists" field ignores multiple values Fixed: music library - issues related to viewport restoring after data changes Fixed: plugins - WebLyrics - the \uXXXX macro does not handled Fixed other minor issues
  10. Changes in version 5.1.1: Bugs fixed An ApplicationException could randomly occur when PDFCreator returned from standby. Opening a document with PDF Architect from the quick actions or the history resulted in a PDF Architect recommendation window if the PDF Architect installation was finished while PDFCreator was already in use.
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