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  1. Changes in Notepad++ 8.1.8: Fix config files (XML) saving performance regression. Workaround Microsoft dark mode API bug of Windows 11. Included plugins: NppExport v0.3 Converter 4.3 Mime Tool 2.6
  2. Changes in Notepad++ 8.1.7: Fix empty file not being saved regression. (Fix #10667) Fix white flash in dark mode on CMD launch with position parameters. (Fix #10657) Enhance dark themes for some programming languages (JSON, Python & Makefile). (Fix #10648) Fix “Run macro until the end of file” command skipping the last line issue. (Fix #10441) Fix tooltip layout and position in RTL mode. (Fix #10646) Fix docking problem for dockable panel in RTL mode. (Fix #10641)
  3. Notepad++ v8.1.6 Release is available here: https://notepad-plus-plus.org/news/v816-released/ Notepad++ v8.1.6 bug-fixes: Fix NUL file-corruption issue after system shutting down brutally. (Fix #6133) Fix session lost issue after MS update restarting Windows. (Fix #10402) Make Markdown UDL work in every dark theme. (Fix #10593) Fix file can be marked as saved even it’s been deleted outside. (Fix #10401) Fix status bar text display glitchy in dark mode. (Fix #10564) Fix white flash on Notepad++ startup in dark mode issue. (Fix #10601) Fix docked window sizing direction problem in RTL mode. (Fix #10536) Fix floating panel movement issue in RTL mode. (Fix #10579) Fix Print GUI bug in Preferences dialog. (Fix #10552) The auto-updater will be triggered in 1 week if there’s no critical bug found.
  4. Version History of the PotPlayer ---------------------------------------------------------- [210929] ---------------------------------------------------------- + Added fast repeating function - Fixed an issue that was abnormal when playing certain MP4 files - Fixed an error problem in certain situations by changing the skin during playback ----------------------------------------------------------
  5. Changes in Notepad++ 8.1.5: Make Insert date time customizable. Make date time order reversible for short & long format. Add Insert Date/Time commands shortcut & macro capacities. Fix regression: no error message when locked file could not be saved – Show file locked warning now. Make “Confirm Save All” dialog more clear: use “Always Yes” button instead of “Cancel”. Improve JSON, PHP, PYTHON, CSS, BANNC and VHDL syntax highlighting in dark mode. Fix inconsistency of Document List context menu. Enable/disable ext column via Document list context menu directly. Add path column in Document list panel. Allow custom color for Document Map. Fix docked/float panels in RTL layout issue. Fix CSS pseudo-elements not recognized issue. Update CSS keywords and add new styles. Fix issue that current directory not been applied after changing current directory option in preferences. Sort Default language combobox of “New Document” section in Preferences. Included plugins: NppExport v0.3 Converter 4.3 Mime Tool 2.6
  6. dotNetFx48_20210810_x64.WA como se instala alguien puede ayudar
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