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  1. Changes in Notepad++ 8.1.2: Make dark mode restartless. Activate dark mode in Windows 11. Make Notepad++ dark mode colors customizable: add 6 more color tone choices. Add customizing dynamically dark mode colors capacity Add command line flag -udl=”UDL name” to open a file by applying an existent UDL via its name. Use always current file directory in File Rename dialog. Fix “Remember last used directory” unexpected behaviour. Fix corrupted encoding text on status bar if shortcut assigned to encode command. Add a Save all confirm dialog. Improve JavaScript auto-completion.
  2. Adobe AIR New No se si estan de acuerdo en la proxima version en añadir MSXML.4.0.SP3.Parser Visual.F..4.1.SDK.Silent Legacy.VB.C.Runtime.Libraries.
  3. Notepad++ v8.1.1 release 2021-07-04 A critical dark mode bug has been fixed: If Notepad++ is installed by an user with admin privilege, the edit zone cannot be applied to the dark theme, after the other users (use the other user accounts on the same machine) switching to dark mode. Also, more UI components conform to the dark mode in this release.
  4. Changes in PDFCreator 4.3.0: Breaking changes Please check for the new e-mail format setting, when using the COM-interface for sending HTML formatted e-mails via SMTP. Improvements The workflow editor view has been further improved with immediate and better visibility of incorrect settings. The print action now has the option to fit the document to the page size of the printer. New option to proceed with further send actions if one of them fails. It is now possible to save settings with removed passwords, which makes it easier to share settings for a support case. The e-mail quick action now uses default HTML setting of the client. New warning about circular dependencies when selecting another PDFCreator printer in the print action. Bugs fixed HotFolder could sometimes use the wrong PDFCreator profile to convert files. HotFolder did not consider shared settings. The “forward to profile” action may have failed with an UnauthorizedAccessException. Opening the signature settings always selected the first time server account instead of the originally selected. The /Profile parameter did not work for files that have to be printed. The <OutputFilenames> token was not always replaced. For the special condition that the filename contained a whitespace in the 23rd position, the conversion of PDF files via drag & drop failed. Changes in PDFCreator 4.2.0: Improvements: PDFCreator 4.2.0 includes our newest PDF viewer and editor: PDF Architect 8. The workflow editor view has been improved for a better overview and usability. Therefore the classic tab view of the profile settings was removed. A new small wizard guides users through creating profiles. The COM interface has been extended and allows better control over the execution order of actions. It is now possible to add multiple files as cover pages or as attachment pages. The setup now supports keyboard shortcuts. Bugs fixed: HotFolder now uses PDFCreator’s direct conversion to convert PDF and PS files. When restoring settings or loading from an ini file the updated application settings were not immediately displayed. User tokens were not applied when switching between profiles on the print job screen. Merging pdf or ps files via commandline parameter opened the merge window instead of merging the files instantly. The setup lost the current PDFCreator language preference during updates. A script error occurred while adding a Dropbox account. The setup window could not be moved while an overlay is active.
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