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  1. AIMP v4.70, build 2221 (07.07.2020) Common: the Folder Browser dialog now saves its size between work sessions Common: localizations has been updated Fixed: plugins - information bar - the "always show" option stops working after reopening the settings dialog Fixed: plugins - MyClouds - files whose path contains hieroglyphs cannot be played minor issues were fixed AIMP v4.70 RC 3, build 2220 (16.06.2020) Common: the WM_APPCOMMAND message is now supported by secondary windows of the app Tag editor: an ability to remove tags from WAV-files in batch mode Tag editor: compatibility with Windows Explorer has been improved Fixed: player - does not display meta information for certain HLS-based streams Fixed: player - incorrect information about the audio stream is displaying for files in WavPack4 file format Fixed: player - split by tracks during internet radio capture occurs with some delay when capturing without transcoding Fixed: plugins - update checker - update chanel resets to default value on switch the app language Fixed: plugins - InputFFmpeg - cannot decode certain files in OMA file format Fixed: music library - playback count stays on zero value if stat has been reset for the file individually AIMP v4.70 RC 2, build 2217 (17.05.2020) Common: localizations has been updated Tag editor: the "delete" menu item has been added to context menu of text editors Tags: now the app ignores spaces around multiple values separator Music library: the "Catalog" field has been added Fixed: album arts search - impossible to use absolute paths as templates Fixed: skin engine - TASEPanel - non-standard blending mode works incorrectly if mask is applied to the element Fixed: skin engine - TASETextDisplayEx - single line text does not appear if element height less than required (regression) Fixed: skin engine - docked window does not move to other monitor on disconnect the current monitor minor issues were fixed AIMP v4.70 RC, build 2215 (02.05.2020) Plugins: AlbumArt Visualization - now you can change rendering mode clicking on visualization display Common: localizations has been updated Fixed: skin engine - TASETextDisplayEx - text shadow is truncated if alignment property value is different from taLeftJustify (regression) Fixed: tags - MP4 - the rating tag field is not supported minor issues were fixed AIMP v4.70 Beta 3, build 2213 (16.04.2020) Common: localizations has been updated Plugins: MyClouds - support for changes in API of Cloud@Mail.ru service Fixed: audio converter - the "Settings" and "Start" buttons are disappear on app startup if custom scale factor is specified in app settings Fixed: playlist - group with playing track does not expand if the "collapse unused groups automatically" option is switched on Fixed: player - app unable to open CUE files that contains the "COMPILATION" field Fixed: skin engine - docked windows may be scaled twice on manual scale factor changing Fixed: skin engine - TASETextDisplayEx - enabling auto size leads to app crash if the alignment property value is different from taLeftJustify (regression) AIMP v4.70 Beta 2, build 2211 (04.04.2020) Known issues has been fixed AIMP v4.70 Beta 1, build 2210 (31.03.2020) Sound Engine: radio capture - the "skip the track if file with same name is already exists" option has been added Sound Engine: upper limit of speed control has been increased to 3x Sound Engine: replay gain - the default value is now used as a basic value for the "on-fly" analysis Tag editor: autofill tags - support for %albumartist% and %totaltracks% macros Player: an ability to set hotkeys for speed / tempo control Playlists: an ability to select tracks via translucent selection rectangle Playlist: the "collapse unused groups automatically" option has been added Playlist: the space key now toggles the auto-playback switch of selected tracks Playlist: the tracklist content settings now invokes from the "Save As" dialog Playlist: support for incremental search Plugins: information bar - updated UI of settings dialog Plugins: information bar - the "show before playback finish" option has been added Plugins: information bar - transparency options now affects to the Card view too Plugins: BASS_MIDI - added an ability to use few sound fonts at same time Plugins: MyClouds - support for "Shared With Me" category for OneDrive and Google.Drive services Plugins: MyClouds - support for changes in API of Cloud@Mail.ru service Plugins: Update Checker - an ability to select update channel (Alpha / Beta / Release)
  2. Changes in 7.8.8: Fix accented characters in ANSI files not found in "find in files" and "replace in files" commands issues. Add an option to improve rendering special Unicode characters by using Scintilla's DirectWrite technology. Fix URL invisible issue in dark themes. Fix the focus not on the opening new file issue. Fix Workspace (Project panel), Folder As Workspace and function list keep focus issue after double clicking an item. Add Ctrl+Backspace ability to delete word for comboboxes in Find/Replace dialog. Add ability to find-all in selected text. Fix wrong treatment of backslashes as escape sequences in autocompletion. Enhance "Remove Empty Lines" command: Allow scope to be limited by an active selection. Fix loading of project & session files by drag & drop not working issue. Fix block selection cursor wrong positions after typing TAB. Add confirmation prompt to "Replace all in all opened documents" command to avoid PBKAC.
  3. Updated Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable - 14.27.29009.1
  4. Version History of the PotPlayer ---------------------------------------------------------- [200616] ---------------------------------------------------------- + Added the ability to open a bookmark list and previous playlist in an album + Added the ability to remember the "Frame Size of Main Menu" values + Added the ability to delay when repeating in section repeat - Fixed an issue that cannot play certain files using SuperEQ - Fixed an issue where viewer information could not be updated when broadcasting - Fixed an issue where MP4 files were played as damaged files in certain situations - Improved accessibility compatibility
  5. * V (2020/06/16) [Improvement of function] - Improved UI of multiple loops settings. [VOC and bug fixes] - Fixed an error that TTS Voice settings were not applied. - Fixed an error occurred while setting Filter Graph Configuration. * V (2020/05/26) [Improvement of function] - Improved Popup UI for moving playback position - Improved Popup UI for skipping specific parts of video [VOC and bug fixes] - Fixed an error occurred while setting the color for subtitle. * V (2020/04/21) [Improvement of function] - Improved Popup UI of Advanced Sound Capture. [VOC and bug fixes] - Fixed an error occurred while turning on Intel H/W acceleration.
  6. Changes in Notepad++ 7.8.7: Fix new style save dialog by selecting right file filter and adding extension automatically. Add right-click context menu to bookmark margin. Add sub-menu bullets for cascaded Encoding and Language menus. Display file name as root of workspace instead of “Workspace”. Add file extension automatically for session files and workspace files while saving in new style dialog. Fix file reading failure (network problem) not detected issue. Improve Document Map precision. Fix clickable links break syntax highlighting issue. Fix current range detached from Document Map issue. Disallow backward regex searches due to sometimes surprising results (an non-UI option is available to enable it). Fix wrong project panel at start by opening a project via command line. Allow user to skip *.* when adding only excluding Filters for Find/Replace In Files. Fix Doc switcher icon state update issue for cloned documents. Assign CTRL-M as default shortcut for invoking mark dialog. Fix also a folding visual glitch in Find result. Add count of files searched to ‘Find result’ output. Fix Find/Replace history lost issue. Fix bug of Mark clearing in selection mode. Fix auto-completion suggest the same word while the word being modified. Included plugins: NppExport v0.2.9 (32-bit x86 only) Converter 4.2.1 Mime Tool 2.5
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