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  1. Changes in version 5.1.1: Bugs fixed An ApplicationException could randomly occur when PDFCreator returned from standby. Opening a document with PDF Architect from the quick actions or the history resulted in a PDF Architect recommendation window if the PDF Architect installation was finished while PDFCreator was already in use.
  2. ▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬** What´S NeW / UpdateS / ChangE LoG **▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬ ► Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2022 Runtimes 14.36.32532.0(32bit/64 bit/arm64 bit)
  3. PDFCreator 5.1.0¶ Released 2023-04-24 Improvements¶ PDFCreator Free, PDFCreator Professional, PDFCreator Terminal Server are now ready for ARM64. Convert images directly to PDFs without the necessity to print. Therefore the user is able to set the page size and orientation for the resulting document. Users now have the option to merge files automatically before or after the modify actions are executed. User Tokens are now able to handle full paths in their value. The merge view was enhanced with a button to add further files. The PDFCreator is now able to handle escape character functionality when dealing with User Tokens. Please refer to the User Tokens section of the user guide for information on how to use them. The context menu integration can be en- or disabled in the setup. Bugs fixed¶ Determining User Tokens sometimes resulted in unexpected behavior. The functionality of the User Tokens is much more stable now. Creating image formats did not work when user tokens or certain modify actions were enabled. Clearing the log file could lead to an error, if the file was still locked. File attachments in the direct E-mail action did not have the correct file extensions. When creating new accounts while a print job was running, the print job window could show a message that the new account does not exist. Shared settings will no longer modify stored settings in the registry. Other Changes¶ PDFCreator now uses Ghostscript 10.01.1, which brings improved performance and stability. This also fixes a problem that directly processing PDF files was not working anymore under certain circumstances. Certain application send the name of unsaved files with a leading “*” to the PDFCreator, which gets replaced with an “_”. A leading “*” is now removed by our default title replacement settings.
  4. Java SE 8u371 Bundled Patch Release (BPR) - Bug Fixes and Updates The following sections summarize changes made in all Java SE 8u371 BPR. Bug fixes and any other changes are listed below in date order, most current BPR first. Note that bug fixes in the previous BPR are also included in the current BPR. Changes in Java SE 8u371 b31 Bug Fixes Fixes from the prior BPR are included in this version.
  5. Changes in Daum PotPlayer 230405 (1.7.21900): Added GPU Super Resolution function to built-in D3D11 video renderer Fixed an issue where audio visualization did not work when only the right channel had voice Fixed a problem that was captured strangely when capturing with subtitles in the D3D11 video renderer Fixed a problem where sound did not come out in certain situations when playing damaged videos Fixed a problem where sound did not come out in certain flac codecs
  6. What’s New in AIMP 5.11 Build 2429 (2023-04-07): Fixed: tag editor – FLAC – produces an corrupted bit-steam if meta-data size is more than 16 MB
  7. What’s New in AIMP 5.11 Build 2428 (2023-04-07): Plugins: WebLyrics – providers list has been updated Fixed: sound engine – unable to pause remote tracks (regression 2427) Fixed: tag editor – an error occurs when closing the app if a plugin is installed that extends album art catalogs Fixed: tag editor – FLAC – produces an corrupted bit-steam if meta-data size is more than 16 MB
  8. ▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬** What´S NeW / UpdateS / ChangE LoG **▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬ ► Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2022 Runtimes 14.36.32522.0(32bit/64 bit/arm64 bit)
  9. What’s New in AIMP 5.11 Build 2421 (2023-03-27): Tag Editor: option to remove ID3v1 tag forcely Plugins: WebLyrics – support for LRC-encoded lyrics General: lithuanian localization has been added General: libFLAC updated to v1.4.2 Sound engine: an ability to pause internet radio Playlist: an ability to clone items via drag-n-drop holding the Ctrl keystroke Fixed: player – does not jump to next URL in playlist, if station stops broadcasting while app is playing Fixed: player – another find lyrics options has no effect, if the “find in file tags” option is switched off and file contains lyrics in tags Fixed: player – an error occurs when trying to preview album art that fetched via URL that length more 256 characters Fixed: playlist – XSPF – url-encoded remote links resolves incorrectly Fixed: skin engine – Linux – maximized window does not fit to edges work area Fixed: tag editor – pink color of album art doesn’t turn gray when uncheck the field’s option Fixed: plugins – BASS_WV (64-bit) – causes the application to crash when decoding some files Fixed: plugins – FFmpeg – unable to decode audio stream in MP3 (mp3float) from MP4-container Fixed: plugins – scheduler – the “return to previous playlist” option does not work (regression 2417)
  10. si tienen alguna problema consultas del programa o alguna sugerencia
  11. Theme Pack WinRAR V1 Multilingual [32-64 Bits] Los temas permiten modificar el aspecto de WinRAR reemplazando los gráficos por otros alternativas. Los temas se distribuyen a través de archivos RAR cuyo nombre tiene la extensión ".theme.rar" Una coleccion 65 Themas Skins para Winrar 6.x para que puedan disfutar y cambiar el estilo clasico que viene el programa, y usted puede escojer lo que usted desee Changes in WinRAR Theme Pack V1 * 18 Nuevos WinRAR theme Creditos Alexgal23,SIDDHARTH,Jagan Ganesh,Skylinext,FontAwesome,by Raiiy,Pringadie,G3odaS0ft,kentapainter,magiiiasdfghjkl,Louis Lumos,InfinityBrazil,By EpicB,Maison,SimplexDesigns * Fixed conflict Languajes OS : Windows 7 (32/64 bit), Windows 8/8.1 (32/64 bit),Windows 10 (32/64 bit),Windows 11 (32/64 bit) WinRAR Theme Pack es multilenguaje compatible co Todos los Idiomas Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, English, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Farsi, French, Georgian, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Indonesian, Korean, Kurdish, Lithuanian, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Vietnames Albanian, Arabic, Azerbaijan, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Macedonian,mongolia Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish,Vietnam and Uzbek languages. čeština, dansk, Deutsch, eesti, English, español, español de Latinoamérica, français, français canadien, italiano, magyar, Nederlands, Norsk, polski, português, português brasileiro, română, slovenščina, suomi, svenska, tiếng Việt, Türkçe, Ελληνικά, български, Русский, 简体中文, 繁體中文 (香港), 日本語, 繁體中文 (臺灣) WinRAR Theme Pack es Compatible con Winrar 6.xx y futuras Versiones How-to-Use: Simply double click on the "*.theme.rar" file and the installation will be finished in a while. After that, you can choose my themes from the "Option -> Themes" menu to apply it. However, the themes only work with Winrar 6.XXX ¿Cómo de usar: Simplemente haga doble clic en el archivo "* .theme.rar" y la instalación estará terminado en un tiempo. Después de eso, usted puede elegir mis temas de la "Opción -> Temas" del menú para aplicarlo. Sin embargo, los temas sólo funcionan con Winrar 6.XXX contraseña : 123 Theme Pack WinRAR V1 Multilingual [32-64 Bits]26 mb.
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