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  1. Have you tried to remove all USB peripherals from the system prior to booting?
  2. Well, it could be nice if you'd be able to acquire another memory stick and try it on your MBO. If that won't help, it's a MBO for sure.
  3. NIM


    Hi Krinal, welcome to Wincert!
  4. Hi, after reading your post and the things you've done I'd say it's either a MBO fault or a RAM issue. Have you tried to clean the RAM slots with compressed air and also to clean the RAM connectors with a school rubber? After this you might try to move the RAM module to another memory slot. If that doesn't help I would say that it most definitely is the motherboard issue although this answer might not be a satisfying one .
  5. This laptop is part of Active Directory domain?
  6. Considering you have purchased an ultimate Windows 7 version and If you have a valid license key you should be able to download it from here: https://www.microsoft.com/hr-hr/software-download/windows7 Br, Nik
  7. Done, it should be OK now. Br, Nik
  8. I just can't believe that even though Edge is in Beta stage, favorites are not syncing properly on it. I have switched and currently testing the Brave browser.
  9. I'm interested, why DVD, when there is so many cheap USB thumb drives on the market? I have also used Nero in the past and it was the best application for that purpose. You can also try the free ISO burner.
  10. Thanks, I just can't get used to Bing results, as they appear as crippled Google results. I might try DuckDuckGo again
  11. SnowBall, do you maybe know how can I change the default search provider which is bing, once I start typing in the URL bar? Thanks!
  12. How did you download iso? What is your default downloads location?
  13. Well, both links are from *microsoft.com so they should be safe, although Microsoft has obviously removed access to latest media creation tool.
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