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  1. Once upon a time, the internet was free... I will sign the petition for sure!
  2. Maybe we can ask users from the International part of the forum to be more active in the English language part of the forum if possible. I am sure that most of those users can write in the English language. We can create an announcement in each International forum calling users to switch to the English part of the forum.
  3. Yeah, I thought about that before but it is hardly achievable. I will consult with Jan to see if this is possible. Initially, this was an English language forum, but users asked me to created the International part of the forum where other languages could be used.
  4. Hi locksnail, have you tried these steps? https://www.passfab.com/excel/forgot-excel-2010-password.html Regards, Nik
  5. Yes, we plan to have another WinRAR giveaway in the next 2 months, so keep an eye on WinCert.net blog BR, Nik
  6. Using Windows 10 since I'm always up-to-date with the latest version of the Microsoft operating system, although I don't like where Windows 10 is going.I prefer Windows 7 look anytime over Windows 10 since I just can't get used to that UWP look. Other than that, Windows 10 is very stable OS and I can't say that I had issues with it.
  7. NIM

    hi everyone

    Those are the forum ranks you get with the higher number of posts/contribution to the forum.
  8. This topic was last updated 10 years ago. WPIW doesn't exist anymore.
  9. NIM

    hi everyone

    Hi Nirav, welcome here
  10. Yes, this is how it works. The scan has finished, you just didn't see the jump from 95%-100%. If you suspect that your hard drive is not operating properly, you can still use some of the third party apps to check it out: https://www.lifewire.com/free-hard-drive-testing-programs-2626183 Regards, Nik
  11. Welcome, Baltasar! Hopefully, you'll be an active member of this community
  12. Microsoft Windows Vista – Extended Support Ended on April 2017.
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